Fun Facts about Cannabis that will Amaze You

Fun Facts about Cannabis that will Amaze You

Cannabis Plants

If you have not consumed Cannabis yet, you would have certainly heard about Cannabis or marijuana or weed. And immediately what comes to your mind are its intoxicating qualities – the ‘high’ experience it promises. However, you might not know that besides its recreational usage, Cannabis is used medicinally too. Consequently, cannabis has recently been legalized in many countries for medical use and in some for recreational use too. Here are some fun facts about Cannabis that many of us did not know about.  

1. The First Item Ordered Online was…Cannabis

Online selling of cannabis

Today, it is the era of online shopping. The online retail business has gained further importance and witnessed tremendous growth, due to the recent pandemic. Even before the pandemic people were shopping online to save on time – to fit other activities in their busy schedule. Online, almost everything can be purchased – from groceries to clothes to luxury brands. In some countries even medicines are available online, though you might still require a doctor’s prescription to order it. 

You might be surprised to know that the very first product ordered online was …yes, Cannabis! This is for sure an amazing historical fun fact. It was in the year 1971 that a few students from Stanford University ordered Cannabis over the internet. As they wanted to try this fascinating substance, they ordered it online and it was delivered to them. It became the first-ever online order!

2. Shakespeare’s Creativity was Catalyzed by…Cannabis

Who hasn’t heard of Shakespeare?  Anybody who has studied English recognizes him as the all-time famous, iconic playwright and poet.  Critics, language historians and readers are ever amazed by Shakespeare’s creativity genius – his mind that that could conjure such remarkable artistic work.

Did you know that Shakespeare may well have been a Cannabis consumer?  And that possibly helped him develop such intriguing plots and create those exotic characters. This theory has been corroborated by the fact that traces of Cannabis was found in Shakespeare’s pipe fragments. Smoking cannabis might have catalyzed his creativity and mindset to the next level.  Today’s Cannabis smokers and consumers take solace in the fact that they too can enhance their own creative mind by smoking weed. Just like Shakespeare.

3. Cannabis acts Differently On Different Age Profiles

Cannabis Effect on different age groups

Cannabis consumption has differing effects on different people depending on their age profile.   While it does affect adults, teenagers who consume cannabis, especially over the longer term can suffer from severe adverse effects. The effects are initially temporary but may turn into something permanent, leaving a mental scar for the rest of their lives. It has been found that teenagers who use Cannabis for prolonged periods suffer from lower IQ and decreased memory power, while adults do not exhibit such severe negative effects. In fact, it is seen that in many older adults Cannabis actually improves IQ and physical well-being.

Surprise! Surprise! 3.8 % of the total world population of the world is already an active consumer of cannabis.

The huge popularity of this drug compelled cannabis consumers to buy it illegally, till recently. To stop this illegal trade many countries have legalized cannabis and many others are actively considering legalizing it.  Some countries have legalized it only for medicinal use, while others have legalized it for recreational consumption as well.

It seems evident that many people across the world have consumed Cannabis in one form or the other at some point of their lives. Many might have consumed Cannabis in the form of medicine – as cannabis compounds are an active ingredient of several drugs used to treat ailments such as chronic pains, anxiety etc.

5. Cannabis Seeds can be Used as a Food Substitute

Cannabis seeds

Though Cannabis is known for its euphoric effect, not so long-ago Cannabis was also used as animal feed. Farm animals were thus the primary consumers of Cannabis besides humans.

It has been found that Cannabis seeds were used as a food source in around 6000 BC in China. In Bhutan, pigs used to be fed weed as a food substitute; a practice followed even today. Cannabis extracts are being used in many edible items, now-a-days, particularly in bakery products such as cupcakes, brownies, etc.

6. Cannabis Leaves Don’t Give a Kick

If you chew a few big Cannabis fan-leaves in its raw form it is very unlikely you will get a kick. While these leaves certainly have the cannabinoid compounds, it is in such minimal percentage that you will have to eat lots of it to get a high. It is only when these leaves along with the buds are processed does it give its potency.

7. You Can Proudly Wear Cannabis

Cannabis bakery products

Did you know that you can order clothes made of hemp fabric on Amazon? In fact, hemp fabric was used by the Chinese way back in 8000 BC.  Similarly, you can buy and wear hemp twine jewelry like a necklace or an anklet. Hemp is an amazingly tough material. Ropes made of hemp are super strong and were used widely in ancient times, before plastic was discovered. Hemp is also processed to produce eco-friendly construction material as a substitute of concrete and wood. Hemp plastic bottles are also available and are an ideal substitute of the regular plastic bottle – because its degradable and environment friendly.

8. Marijuana Consumers are Criminals! Who says?

Cannabis Legalization

Study Analyzes Effect of Legalization of Recreational Marijuana on Crime – Here Are the Results

There is a common misconception, especially in countries where cannabis is still illegal that marijuana consumers are criminals – consumption of marijuana leads a person to commit violent crimes. And similarly, a person addicted to marijuana or weed is prone to commit crimes. While this might be applicable to some marijuana consumers, this fact can’t be generalized. Marijuana consumers, in fact, achieve a state of calmness and enjoy the moment when they attain the high and forget that there are other people around them.

9. Urine Test to detect Cannabis Is Rarely Cheatable

Urine test for cannabis presence

Some cannabis users think that they can cheat the cannabis detection urine test if they stop consuming it 24 hours before the test. But an active consumer of Cannabis will never be able to cheat a urine test.

In fact, Cannabis traces can be detected in the urine of a person, even three days after he/she consumed Cannabis; if he/she consumed cannabis three times a week. And it can be detected even 5 to 7 days after Cannabis was consumed, if he/she consumed it four times a week.

Wrapping It Up!

There have always been misconceptions about Cannabis.  But the truth is that Cannabis is today consumed legally in several countries across the world. It is being used for medicinal purposes – for relieving pain and helping cancer patients, or treating neurological disorders like spinal cord injury. It is used by many for recreational purposes – for smoking or eating as a cookie or a gummy or a cake. Cannabis can be used safely in the right amounts and in the right manner.

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