8 Countries Growing the Best Weed in the World

8 Countries Growing the Best Weed in the World

Top countries where growing weed is legal

1. The Netherlands

Top countries where weed is legal | Netherlands
The Netherlands ranks amongst the top when it comes to growing the best quality weed. Amsterdam is popularly called ‘the weed capital of Europe’. Various types of weed strains and different Cannabis-derived products are available in numerous outlets scattered around Amsterdam, such as coffee shops, specialty stores etc. The Netherlands has been known to be the hub to naturally grown weed for many years. As the Dutch carry a friendly approach to cannabis with many of the top Cannabis seed banks are in the Netherlands, carrying seeds such as Serious seeds, Greenhouse seeds, DNA genetics, Sensi seeds, etc. The country is also known for some world-famous Cannabis strains, for example, Jack Herer and Amnesia haze, that have been developed there. Some other popular varieties of Cannabis grown there are Tangilope, Lemon Haze, and Green crack.

2. USA

Top countries where weed is legal | USA

The United States of America is known for its leadership in almost every field.  Since the individual state governments of the USA started legalizing cannabis in 2019, USA is trying to gain leadership status in the Cannabis industry too. That has given an immense boost to the Cannabis industry. Not only is the industry working towards growing the best weed, they are experimenting to evolve newer methods for better cultivation to achieve higher yields. US agricultural scientists are experimenting to develop hybrid Cannabis varieties. Growers, producers and even consumers are coming together and contributing towards this research and development initiative. Colorado has been found to be the best place to grow weed in America. The best Cannabis strains in the US are usually THC-rich – like Blue Dream, Green Crack, and OG Kush. Charlotte’s Web is a CBD-rich strain developed in the US.

3. Australia

Top countries where weed is legal | Australia

Australia has been historically famous for producing highly potent Cannabis flowers. The country is known to have cultivated Cannabis plants that have achieved a THC potential of up to 40%, clearly double of all the Cannabis plants grown around the world, due to which it has gained the status of being called the country with the best weed. Australia is considered the best place to grow weed as it has ideal topography and climatic conditions for cannabis cultivation. No wonder, the country has a thriving weed culture and is home to quality Cannabis strains with large-scale weed production facilities. The most popular Cannabis strains cultivated in Australia are Pennywise, Harlequin, and Jack Herer. Some of the unique varieties of naturally grown weed used by the native tribes of the country are Permafrost and Acapulco gold.

4. Colombia

Colombia is one of the top ranked weed growing countries in the South American region – famous for its naturally grown weed. Cultivation of Cannabis in Colombia dates back to the 1960s and 70s; but it was decriminalized only in 2012 and legalized in 2016. The country provides an ideal environment and soil for growing the best weed. The tropical climate is just right to grow local strains of unique flavors as well as hybrid varieties to ultimately produce the world’s best weed, making it a potential. Colombian gold and Colombian Landrace are popular weed strains of the country. A variety of authentic strains are used for various types of recreational and medicinal purposes. The Colombian government encourages Cannabis companies from around the world to set up cultivation bases in the country.

5. Nigeria

Nigeria is known for growing the best weed globally. The local Nigerian herb strains yield the world’s best weed. The varieties found in the country are really varied – such as relaxing Nigerian Haze or the highly energetic and unique Nigerian 99. All Nigerian strains of Cannabis deliver an exquisite blend of flavor and aroma. Nigerian Europe and Nigerian Sunshine are other popular cannabis varieties grown in the country. It is pertinent to note that it is still illegal in Nigeria to personally own or consume weed.

6. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country that other countries look up to during times of shortage of weed supplies. 93% of the total amount of Cannabis served in Russia is imported from Kazakhstan. The country produces the world’s best weed on huge land tracts that measure up to 400,000 hectares. It actually grows naturally in this country and the quality too is good as conducive natural conditions are available to the plant. 

7. Canada

Top countries where weed is legal | Canada

While cannabis has been quite popular in Canada for a long time, it has really kicked off only after legalization in 2018. The legalization of weed was followed by extensive research initiatives for its use in recreational and for medical purposes. Canada is also considered a weed country and well known for producing some of the best Cannabis strains in the world. British Columbia is considered to be the best province to grow weed naturally. In all major Canadian cities Cannabis dispensaries and stores can be found – that serve various recreational cannabis products like gummies or chocolates as well as medicinal products like cannabis oil. The most popular varieties of cannabis grown in Canada are AK 47 and Pink Kush.

8. Nepal

Top countries where weed is legal | Nepal

The cultivation and direct consumption of weed has been illegal till the 1970s. The geographical advantage of being around the Himalayas makes it a weed consuming country because of the easy availability of wild Cannabis plants. While cultivation of Cannabis without permission is illegal no strict rules are followed. Notwithstanding Nepal it considered the best place to grow weed. Some of the famous Cannabis strains found are Nepalese, Nepal Jam, and Himalaya gold.

Wrapping It Up!

The world’s best weed countries have one thing in common – ideal climatic conditions that support the cultivation of high-quality Cannabis plants. While many weed cultivation destinations can be found across the globe, only those with geographical, climatic, and topographical advantages grow the best Cannabis strains.

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