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Consult Us and Transform into a new horizon

Do you need to set up a new laboratory or test facility? Do you want to install new equipment in your lab and want to be sure it’s done according to regulatory standards? Are you interested in outsourcing your laboratory testing process but need advice to select the most appropriate lab? Whatever be your lab equipment or process requirements, you can rely on the SES team to assist you.

We have years of experience in setting up labs – from planning to designing to buying the equipment, installing, calibrating and finally training the technicians to run the lab. We can provide turnkey solutions whether you are setting up a new lab or expanding your existing lab.

Why Us?

We understand the scientific and business needs of a lab. Contact SES and put our expertise to work for you.

SES offers more than equipment and maintenance for your in-house lab – we offer expertise, complete turnkey solutions and a continuing partnership for success. We put our extensive experience in designing and equipping your labs as per your specifications to meet the industry standards. Our team works together with you to shape your objective of setting up a world class lab. If you are a business owner, lab manager, facilities manager, engineer or contractor who is planning, budgeting, or setting up a new lab or expanding an existing facility, we can help you with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • Customized solutions to meet individual lab needs
  • Proven strategic methodologies to maximize lab efficiency and increase lab productivity
  • 20+ years’ experience as a trusted lab transformation consultant 
  • Providing a holistic approach to help you improve your lab accuracy and output

Why Us? We understand the scientific and business needs of a lab. Contact SES and put our expertise to work for you.

Scientific Research and Testing | SES
Lab Research | SES Consultancy Services

At SES we offer a comprehensive range of laboratory consulting services. Our portfolio of services and expertise can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your laboratory. 

We can assist you with:


We can guide you to discover the most appropriate and affordable solution for your laboratory. We work with you to understand and meet your expectations by simplifying your lab purchasing process while optimizing your equipment and supplies investment.

We can together work to transform your laboratory – to optimize the use of equipment, streamline processes and workflow, and make the most of the lab’s productivity potential.

Lab Performance Assessment Your roadmap to improve lab efficiency

Do you have unused equipment or outdated instruments, or are you wondering how to optimize the usage of your current lab instruments? SES can conduct a Lab Performance Assessment, and give you a comprehensive view of your current lab status – and where you could be.  The assessment will report the speed, accuracy, and quality of your lab processes. We’ll help you peel back the layers to identify opportunities for improvement – and how you can close the gap.

This assessment can highlight issues that might occur and how to resolve those issues before they happen. Our Lab Performance Assessment will diagnose and help you address potential challenges related to lab operations, lab safety, instrument availability and your overall service level agreements. This assessment report will present a customized roadmap with performance benchmarks to guide you through the next steps towards improvement. 

Lab Design Assessment Discover your lab design

Lab assessment is done on a three-by-three matrix that assesses a lab’s design needs on mainly three parameters: People, Process, and Technology. Each parameter is measured quantitatively against their benchmark goals and industry standards. This three-by-three analysis yields an action plan to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The SES science lab consultancy team will help you restructure your lab with innovative design processes and auditing tools for measurable cost reductions and increased employee productivity. 

The collaborative assessment process we follow will help create an action plan to develop a lean model. By adopting the lean model your business will save time and costs in the laboratory functioning, improve quality, and adapt to identify and undertake continuous improvements.

We will facilitate the development of your lab’s lean model. We understand that your lab is your business investment. As a successful lab consultancy, we are in a position to help you realize the potential of your lab while achieving savings in time and cost. 

Continuous Lab Improvement Ready for a lab transformation?

SES is a high-impact lab equipment consultancy that ensures effective and collaborative processes are implemented as part of your lab transformation. We understand how to enable the transformation process, ensuring an integrated approach with the right tools and resources.

The SES lab consultancy team will help you determine the best approach towards technology upgradation and transformation of your lab. Together with your teams’ inputs, we will design a structure and a plan to enable more efficient workflows, encourage digital skills development, and create the motivation needed to ensure adoption of the new methods. We conduct Lab Transformation Workshops that spell out Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the participants, to measure pre and post event levels of proficiency.

Continuous Lab Improvement Ready for a lab transformation?

Scientific Research | SES Consultancy Services

ENTIRE LAB DIAGNOSIS Powerful automation on your side

Lab Diagnosis | SES Consultancy Services

ENTIRE LAB DIAGNOSIS Powerful automation on your side

Integrating a state-of-the-art automation system into your lab is a major step. We’ll shake hands with you to achieve optimal performance. Together, we’ll take cognizance of your main challenges and priorities and define practical solutions. We will keep you informed at every stage of the transformation process. 

The SES lab diagnosis service is designed to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the acquisition of technology. With consistent and accurate reporting, we enable you to analyze your current technological capacity needs, determine your goals and review your options. Our experts have over 20 years of experience in laboratory repair & maintenance and have the experience of designing innovative solutions for customers just like you.

When you decide to utilize SES lab equipment consultancy services, our team of consultants and technicians will develop a detailed lab business plan with a financial model. We can provide hands-on advisory service at every step of the lab development journey.  

Scientific Equipment Source Inc

is the one-stop-shop for your laboratory instrumentation requirements be it new or used laboratory equipment or process equipment. You can contact us for rare spares for your laboratory equipment and consumables that are in our large inventory.


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