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SciCann - The Science of Cannabis

SciCANN which has been working in the Cannabis industry for 15 years. The SciCANN division of Scientific Equipment Source Inc is your source for new and refurbished Cannabis quality control laboratory testing equipment. We supply HPLC, GC, NIR, and more for Potency, terpenes, R&D, Residual solvents, moisture content, pesticide screening, microbiological purity, aflatoxins and more as well as consult on the LP process.

Scientific Equipment Source Inc carries a wide range of new and used laboratory equipment and scientific apparatus as well as a full line of extraction and processing equipment. The used equipment has been fully rebuilt and reconditioned and then certified by trained technicians to provide great equipment at an affordable price. So you can buy new or refurbished equipment and get a full warranty along with service and technical support as well as ongoing preventative maintenance and parts support.

Our refurbishing process includes a detailed routine that starts when the equipment arrives at our warehouse. At this point we evaluate its worthiness to determine if it is suitable to rebuild. If it is, we continue the process with includes: stripping the equipment down to its chassis, cleaning, repainting, replacing the appropriate parts, reassembling, testing, calibrating and running on test for a burn- in period to ensure long-term performance.

When you receive a product from SES you can have confidence that you’re getting a quality product with full warranty to back it up. At SES, we sell analytical equipment like ICP, ICPMS, GC, GC/MS, HPLC, LC/MS, UV/Vis, AAS, TOC, Rotovaps, Reactors, Short Path Distillation (SPD), Extractors and Extraction equipment, and more. With names like Agilent, Hewlett Packard, Shimadzu, Varian, Perkin Elmer, Waters, Edwards, Welch and more we have the right equipment at the right price.

SES also sells a full line of process equipment including Rotary Evaporators, Reaction vessels, CO2 extraction, Butane Extractors and Cold Ethanol Extractors along with Vacuum ovens and pumps and Short Path Distillation and more. Manufactures include Buchi, Heidolph, Across International, Delta, Edwards, Welch and more.

Lastly to prepare all your samples we have a complete line of general lab equipment like autoclaves, balances, centrifuges, hoods and more. Brands such as Market Forge, Sartorious, Ohaus, Mettler, Mars, Beckman, Sorvall, Dupont, Kendro, IEC, Thermo, IKA and Electrothermal just to name a few. So if you’re looking for quality equipment, great prices and one- stop shopping, SES is the place for you!