Leasing and Renting

Leasing & Renting Scientific Equipment Source

Leasing and Renting

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Is leasing/ renting the right choice for your lab or process equipment needs? Let’s find out.

Leasing or renting is a smart option to acquire the lab equipment you need. You can initially rent the equipment and later if you choose you can lease it.

SES is affiliated with the most reputed lab equipment and process equipment financing companies to make the leasing or renting experience enjoyable and affordable and fast. You get the option of selecting from a vast inventory of products – from affordable scientific instruments to sophisticated analytical equipment and accessories. Let us evaluate your specific requirements so we can figure out the smartest way to proceed.

Leasing Lab Equipment

Researchers or lab workers often prefer equipment leasing rather than buying it. Lab equipment leasing can help expand the technological capability of your lab. It is the best option for companies with a small budget. Universities, R&D labs, and other industrial labs with limited budgets can also take advantage of the leasing facility. SES provides leasing services which include a certified warranty and full technical maintenance options.

Renting Lab Equipment

Renting lab instruments is best for short-term projects if the equipment will be rarely used in the lab in the longer term. It is certainly a convenient option if the equipment is to be used for a few days or weeks. Renting out laboratory equipment is an effective way to execute the project within a limited budget. Our renting services are ideal for labs that need to rent equipment on short-term or long-term basis.

SES provides the best and most reliable rental services for quality lab equipment.

We work to provide a high-performance solution, tailored to your needs.

Rent or lease? How to decide whether to rent or lease?

Just answer these questions and you will find the answer for yourself. Let’s Get Started!

  • What is the type of research work you are conducting
  • What will be the instrument used for
  • What will be the kind of accuracy you will need
  • What will be the frequency of equipment use per day/week
  • How many weeks will you need the equipment for

Rent or lease? Both are smart, viable options depending upon your requirements. Leasing is better for long-term use while renting is a better option for short-term use. You can decide and save resources by choosing the correct lab equipment finance option to match your business objectives.
Contact SES, and we will analyze your requirements and offer you the best equipment and lease/rental option.

Rent or lease? How to decide whether to rent or lease?

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