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Environmental testing is capable of quantifying and identifying compounds and pollutants present in air, soil, and water. Similarly, environmental testing in environmental test laboratories can also verify whether a product or piece of equipment shall perform as expected once it is released in the market. This sometimes takes the form of climate testing, for instance, temperature or humidity, and mechanical testing, for instance, measuring vibration or shock. Environmental testing laboratories and analytical testing laboratories make use of equipment for proper environmental testing.

Key Applications of Environmental Testing

Environmental test equipment is used in a variety of environments apart from the use in environmental test labs, including:
  • Environmental Chemical Testing,
  • Agriculture,
  • Public health and safety,
  • Field testing,
  • Petroleum, among others.

Reliability Assured:

  • Over 20 Years Serving the Scientific Community
  • Tablet testing equipment, such as friability testers, dissolution samplers, refractometers, or freeze dryers.
  • Superior Customer Service
  • 1 Year Warrantied Systems
  • Financing & Lease Assistance
  • Advancements in field testing include the ability to use cell phone technology for remotely monitoring equipment and a laser particle analyzer designed especially for use in the field.
  • Hyperspectral technology is used aboard Unmanned aircraft systems for providing detailed analysis and observation of the earth.
  • Air sampling devices were commissioned by the New York City Police department and the US Department of energy, Brookhaven national laboratory for studying airborne contaminants in the city’s subways and streets.

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