5 Most Popular Cannabis Concentrates of 2022

5 Most Popular Cannabis Concentrates of 2022

Cannabis Concentrates

Consumers are always looking for more potent, flavorsome, and effective cannabis consumables. And rightfully so, who wants to consume less than the highest quality products available? As cannabis culture shifts into a more recreational market and consumers choose products based on their preferred method of intake, more companies are turning to concentrate over raw flowers. 

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or just someone looking to enjoy it, you know that cannabis strains have different effects depending on the type of ‘high’ they give. There are several different kinds of cannabis concentrates and knowing which type is right for you can be quite helpful – to determine how you want to feel. 

Cannabis concentrates have become much popular in recent years. Users can now find flowers, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and many other types of cannabis-infused products – but they still may be wondering what are the five most popular cannabis concentrates? 

So, let’s talk about the most popular cannabis concentrates out there! 

What Is A Concentrate? 

Prior to exploring the various types of concentrates that are available, it is important to have an understanding of what concentrate actually is. It is possible that you have guessed by the word “concentrate” that these products are the most concentrated types of Marijuana. 

Terpenes and cannabinoids are the two main ingredients the plant is famous for. CBD and THC are the two major cannabinoids found in Cannabis. Although THC levels may vary between different strains or different batches, concentrated extracts are typically very potent and high in THC. 

Cannabis concentrates are obtained after distillation of the desirable parts of the plant, mainly cannabis flowers. Cannabis flowers have high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids, and therefore extract highly potent cannabis concentrates. 

THC can be described as a psychoactive compound that gives the user high feeling of euphoria. CBD can be the less psychoactive type that is known for its wide range of health advantages. It is possible to buy concentrates that are combined with cannabinoids or are completely CBD exclusive, based on what you’re searching for. 

Terpenes are the main compound or the scents associated with the Marijuana we recognize and enjoy. In addition, keeping them intact throughout extraction can lead to a satisfying experience. 

There are a variety of methods for extraction; however, the most well-known is BHO, also known as hydrocarbon extraction, as well as CO2 extraction. [1] 


Wax is the most popular Cannabis concentrate. It is also called budder because of its wax-like texture. Its consistency, coupled with its standard potency makes it the most accessible concentrate for consumers who only use it occasionally. Wax is simple to work with and usually less potent than more refined concentrates like distillate or shatter.  It is the cheapest alternative among all.  

Of all the concentrates available, the wax preserves the majority of the terpene profiles after the extraction process. This means that the flavour can be more distinct than what one might expect from a purer type of concentrate. Usually extracted with butane, the colour of wax or budder may vary drastically according to a range of aspects, including what kind of Marijuana is used to make it or what process that cannabis goes through. Waxes are typically consumed through dabbing. [2] 

CO2 Oil 

CO2 oils are produced by CO2 gas. In this type of extraction, extractors put supercritical CO2 into a tube containing cannabis buds. CO2 also removes beneficial compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant material and leaves a golden-hued concentrate. CO2 oils are sold in pre-filled cartridges and vape pens in dispensaries. Since the CO2 extraction process occurs at a lower temperature, it is more likely that the plant’s terpenes and flavours are retained.  

Some cannabis connoisseurs believe CO2 oil to be purer and delicious than other concentrates. But this isn’t always accurate. All concentrates serve different purposes, but neither is actually “better” than the other. It’s more a matter of individual preference. [3] 


Rosin Extract

Rosin is a sought-after concentrate because of its potency, purity, and taste. However, it is not extracted with a solvent like other concentrates. The best quality Rosin is produced from bubble hash. Extractors make bubbles by sifting cannabis flowers through layers of plastic “bubble bags.” These bags are made of plastic and have tiny holes in them.  Extractors then apply pressure and heat to the hash of bubbles with an apparatus known as the “rosin press.” Two sides of the press are squeezed together, further dissociating cannabinoids and terpenes out of plant matter. The final product, “hash rosin,” boasts amazing flavour, a wide cannabinoid and terpene profile and powerful effects. 

Since there are no solvents involved, it also holds much of the natural terpenes and flavonoids found in the Cannabis plant. Therefore, it has a more pleasant flavour as compared to other concentrates, and many find it easier to enjoy its use. If quality and taste are important to you, then you can’t get a better Rosin. [3] 


From the most popular to the most-awaited to the most sought-after, we’ve finally arrived at the most potent among all of the various types of concentrates- distillate. A relative newcomer to extracts, distillates hold an opportunity to become significantly more potent than the others mentioned above. The distillate is named so for its distinctive strength. THC content in shatter and wax generally ranges between 40-70%. However, distillate could have up to 99% THC, which makes it by far the most efficient method of consuming THC of high potency.  

Distillates are typically water-like, which makes them harder to handle than shatter or wax. Since distillates can have as high as 99% pure THC, the complicated refinement process used to make distillate doesn’t leave enough space for terpenes. Many concentrate companies therefore include terpenes in their distillates after the refinement process is complete. This provides extractors with a high degree of control over the taste and terpene compositions of their products. Distillates are among the most expensive concentrates. [2] 


Shatter (Cannabis)

This cannabis concentrate appears like glass and shatters into tiny bits when the pressure is applied. Shatter is a fine transparent, sheet-like concentrate that is either gold or amber in colour. They create fragments that break as Butane Hash Oil, an extract derived from solvents which are then allowed to cool. In order to achieve the delicate appearance, the concentrate is left totally unaffected. By doing this, the concentrate remains in its original molecular structure, keeping it the way, we would like it to be. 

Because shatter is a pure extract of cannabis that has a high level of THC with a potency range of 50-80 per cent, this potency is what makes it effective for patients who are medically dependent. Additionally, shatter is great for people suffering from chronic pain, mood swings, depression and anxiety. [4] 


The popularity of cannabis concentrates really comes down to a matter of preference. Each emerging concentrate has something different to offer, whether it’s potency or flavor. While this is just an introduction for the uninitiated, hopefully, we have whetted your appetite for some of these different types of concentrates and have inspired you to explore them further. 

While the popularity of every concentrate mentioned above varies from user to user, these five are guaranteed to be a crowd favorite among cannabis consumers everywhere. Whether you’re looking for something to smoke, vape, dab, or eat, you’ll definitely come across one of these extracts at some point in your journey.  


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