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Instrument Repairs SES continues to serve even when the manufacturer stops.

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Instrument Repairs SES continues to serve even when the manufacturer stops.

We work to help our customers restore their laboratory equipment as per manufacturer’s specifications. We can work on almost all laboratory equipment – irrespective of the manufacturer or version of equipment. As a trusted lab equipment repair and maintenance company, we understand the importance of ensuring that your equipment is up and running at peak performance. Our team of experts provide quality repairs, even restore and overhaul instruments that have been discontinued by manufacturers, and get the equipment to give optimum performance. We offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure your lab has minimum downtime. With years of hands-on experience the SES technicians can quickly diagnose the reasons for equipment failure – not only to repair but to also provide preventative maintenance services. Our objective is to help you minimize equipment breakdowns.

SES provides laboratory instrument services, lab & scientific equipment repair & maintenance and is an established HPLC repair service provider as well. You can also rely on our reputation to acquire durable, modern and efficient instrumentation at a reasonable cost.

SES Repair Services Your Trusted Partner for Repairing Lab Equipment

Affordable Pricing.

Quick Response Time.

Highly Skilled On- Staff Technicians

Wide Assortment Of General And Rare Instrument Parts.

Decades of Experience And
Service Excellence.

Here’s how we work

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Here’s how we work

  • For all your lab equipment repair and maintenance needs, you can rely on SES. Our team of expert technicians offer repair services for almost any lab equipment. Our workshop is fully equipped, and our knowledgeable staff can get your equipment running efficiently within budgeted timelines.
  • Post repairs, we also offer full-fledged technical support along with a standard warranty.
  • Using our standardized procedures, we evaluate the condition of your laboratory equipment to determine whether repairs are possible. We give you an estimated cost for the repair procedure for approval before proceeding on to the actual repair process. After laboratory repair services are completed, your equipment is tested and diagnosed before being returned to you.
  • Our experienced technicians can repair almost any lab instrument – brand, age or model. We have an extensive inventory of replacement parts across various makes and models. If a part is replaced, the replaced instrument part and the whole equipment is tested and calibrated to ensure long-term performance. We have an established track record of doing precision repairs.
  • Every repair service we deliver comes with SES in quality and trust. So, if you are looking for repair and maintenance services for your lab equipment, trust us to deliver.

Why Choose Us? We stand behind our services.

  • Standard & Extended Warranties
  • Parts-Only Warranty
  • In-House Repair Warranty

SES aims for total customer satisfaction – be it for providing repair services or for purchasing refurbished equipment. We understand that customer satisfaction is the only way to build customer confidence, therefore we are focused on providing consistent and efficient service. Our workshop is equipped with all relevant tools, equipment and test instruments to assess the condition of your equipment and conduct in-depth diagnosis. SES is there to provide you with long-term support for your laboratory.

Why Choose Us? We stand behind our services.

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What if my equipment is not worth repairing?

Repair and Maintenance Services for Lab Equipment | SES

What if my equipment is not worth repairing?

  • SES offers replacement options if you opt for the trade-in program. Whether your equipment has broken or and needs to be replaced or simply needs routine maintenance, our technicians are there to help. They have decades of combined experience making us your best choice for all your lab equipment needs. We stock an array of products, including GC’s, HPLC instruments, UV/Vis spectrometers and AA analyzers that are in good working conditions and have been refurbished to perform as per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • We have a vast inventory of lab equipment on sale, including autoclaves, balances, centrifuges, hoods and more! We are the industry’s leading supplier of used lab and research equipment and provide you with plenty of options to choose from. Our dedicated team of technicians will make sure that you get the right item at the right price!
  • The refurbished lab equipment we sell are manufactured by some of the leading global brands – Agilent, Hewlett Packard, GBC, Varian, Waters, Perkin Elmer, Market Forge, Acculab, Mars, Beckman, Sorvall, Dupont, Quincy, Kendro, IEC, Wisconsin Aluminum, Airguard, etc.

Scientific Equipment Source Inc

is the one-stop-shop for your laboratory instrumentation requirements be it new or used laboratory equipment or process equipment. You can contact us for rare spares for your laboratory equipment and consumables that are in our large inventory.


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