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Water Purifer, Barnstead Epure,…


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Water Purifer, Barnstead Epure, Refurbished


Water Purifer, Barnstead Epure, Refurbished

Product Water Quality
Resistivity: ASTM Type I > 18.0 Megohm-cm at 25°C
TOC: Less than 2.0 ppb
Flow rate: 1.0 LPM at 30 PSIG inlet feed water pressure at 60 Hz and with a new final filter.

*** New cartridges at extra cost***


Water Purifer, Barnstead Epure, Refurbished

The unit is designed to do a number of jobs within your laboratory. Please read the instructions carefully to
ensure that you receive maximum benefit from it. Also, be sure to fill out and return the enclosed warranty
registration card. We would like to receive the information requested, and it will help us assure you of
proper warranty coverage. Water purification technology employs one or more of the following: chemicals, electrical devices, mercury vapor lamps, steam and heated vessels. Care should be taken when installing, operating or servicing Barnstead products. The specific safety notes pertinent to this Barnstead product are listed on the previous pages.
The Barnstead EASYpure UV is a line-fed water purification system designed to provide Type I reagentgrade water with extremely low organic content. It uses a three-stage deionization process combined with a 0.2
micron filter to polish pretreated water (distilled, deionized, or reverse osmosis) to produce water with a
resistivity of up to 18.3 megohms-cm and with a total organic carbon content of less than 2 ppb. Water
resistivity is continuously sensed by a resistivity cell and displayed on a digital display

Dimensions and Clearance Requirements
EASYpure UV dimensions – 12 7/8″ W X 19″ D X 17 1/8″ H (32.7 cm X 48.3 cm X 43.5 cm).

Sides – 4″ (10.2 cm) minimum to allow air flow.
Above – 12″ (30.5 cm) minimum for removal of the top cover and UV lamp replacement.

Cartridge replacement requires that you be able to access the back of the unit and open the cartridge
access door (total depth, unit + open door, = 34″) (86.4 cm).

Feedwater Requirements
The EASYpure UV requires water pretreated by either distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis meeting the
following criteria.
TOC – Less than 1.0 ppm.
Turbidity – 1.0 N.T.U. maximum
Temperature – 40°F – 120°F (4.4°C – 48.8°C)
Resistivity (Minimum): Distilled – 300,000 Ohms Deionized – 1.0 Megohms
Reverse osmosis – 50,000 Ohms (100,000 recommended)
Pressure: Gravity – 100 PSIG

Electrical Requirements
The EASYpure UV is equipped with a power cord to be plugged into an electrical outlet of the appropriate
Model D7401 – 120 VAC ±5%, -10%, 47-63 Hz.
Model D7402 – 240 VAC ±5%, -10%, 47-63 Hz.
Model D7402-33 – 230 VAC ±10%, 47-63 Hz.
Model D7403 – 100 VAC ±5%, -10%, 47-63 Hz.

Environmental Conditions
Operating: 17°C – 27°C; 20% – 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.
Installation Category II (over-voltage) in accordance with IEC 664.
Pollution Degree 2 in accordance with IEC 664.
Altitude limit: 2,000 meters.
Storage: -25°C – 65°C; 10% – 85% relative humidity