Vacuum Pump, Busch R5 RA 0100 Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, Refurbished

Vacuum Pump, Busch R5 RA 0100 Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, Refurbished

Model No –  Busch R5 RA 0100

Condition – New/Refurbished

Manufacturer – Busch Vacuum

Shipping – 3 to 5 Business days (CAN/US)/ 5 to 10 Business days (International Shipping)

Lease Rental – Available

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With the invention of the R5 oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump, Dr Karl Busch has revolutionized food packaging. And today, we are the market leader in vacuum packaging.

However, the R5 is not limited to this application but represents the industry standard for a wide range of applications. Every day, over 3 million R5 vacuum pumps are in operation around the globe.

In the course of over 50 years, we have continuously developed and optimized rotary vane technology. Always with a strong focus on energy efficiency.

Throughout the industry, the R5 is known for its robustness and reliability. You can always rely on the R5 – whether used intermittently or around the clock.

A wide range of sizes, design options and accessories ensures that the R5 is the perfect match for many processes.

Maintenance can easily be carried out by the operator. Apart from changing oil and filters at regular service intervals, no further maintenance is required.

Operating principle

R5 rotary vane technology is synonymous with a robust and functional construction. In a cylindrical housing, a rotor with three vanes is mounted eccentrically. Due to centrifugal force, these vanes slide out and form chambers between themselves and the housing.


The pumped medium is trapped inside these three chambers. During further rotation, their volume is constantly reduced. Thereby, the pumped medium is compressed and transported to the outlet.

R5 vacuum pumps operate with recirculating oil lubrication. A downstream oil separator segregates sealing oil and pumped medium for efficient reuse of oil.

A non-return valve prevents the pumped medium from flowing back into the process after the vacuum pump is switched off.


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