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Short Path Molecular Distillation and Extarction System SES 150B+, New


Short Path Distillation /Molecular Distillation SES 150B+, New

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Short Path Distillation /Molecular Distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which on the different boiling points of the products. This distillation happens in a high vacuum environment, for the separation of materials based on the different molecular weights so the materials are separated and individual components are carried out depending on the heat sensitive material or high boiling point material distillation and purification process. Short Path Distillation is mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, spices, plastics, oil and other fields.

Distaillation Apparatus
-Effective evaporation area: 0.25 m2
-Internal condensation area: 0.4 m2
-Outer condensing area: 0.6 m2
-Inside barrel diameter: 150mm (6″)
-Constatnt pressure feeding funnel volume: 1.5L
-Processing flow: 1.0-8.0
-Motor Power: 120 W
-Max rotation speed: 450
-Max evaporation temperature: 300C
-Minimum operating pressure (depending on material type): 100 degrees, >/= 1000cp
-Vacuum pump: 8L/S
-Diffusion pump: 200L/S

Short Range Evaporator
-Effective evaporation area: 0.25 m2
-Internal condensation area: 0.4 m2
-Transmission seal: extruded linear seal, PTFE
-Metal material: 316 stainless
-Glass material: Borosilicate 3.3
-Number of scraper rods: 3
-Speed control: continuously adjustable digital display 0-300 rpm
-Heating bath capacity: 15L
-Motor Power: 120 W
-Max evaporation temperature: 350C
-Product nozzle: 40 Rotulex ball grinding head
-Vacuum nozzle: 50 Rotulex ball grinding head
-Medium heading nozzle: dedicated DN15
-Built in condensation outlet: GL25

Vacuum System
-Inlet for material: Ø50 Rotulex ball ground joint
-Vacuum outlet: KS30
-Cold condensate discharge nozzle: Ø40 Rotulex ball ground joint
-Cold condensate collection flask: 1L Rotulex ball ground joint
-The system is equipped with two-stage rotary vane pump 0 ≦20Pa,8L/S
Vacuum pump with switch valve: Special vacuum pump oil
-Pirani vacuum gauge: with measurement and display 0.001mbar-1000mbar

Heating System:
-Temperature range: Room temperature-300C
-Recommended temperature: Room temperature-230C
-Heating tank capacity 15L
-Heating power: 3KW
-Recycling flow: 15L/min

Cooling System:
Bath 1
-Temperature range: -10-95C
-Recommended temperature: -10-40C
-Heating tank capacity: 8L
-Power: 1KW
-Recycling flow: 15L/min
-Medium (not supplied): Water or Ethylene glycol mixture
Bath 2
-Temperature range: -20C-RAT
-Heating tank capacity: 5L
-Cooling power: 500W
-Recycling flow: 15L/min
-Medium (not supplied): Water or Ethylene glycol mixture

Power Suppl
-Voltage: 220V
-Frequency: 50/60hz
-Phase: single

General data

 The materials of the feed tank, evaporator, and the cold trap are all borosilicate 3.3
 The materials of scraper basket and rotary conveyor are stainless steel SS316L.
 The material of the gasket is PTFE composite material (inner silicone, out layer PTFE)
 The drive of the scraping film is magnetic coupling drive, the heating unit and the refrigeration unit are equipped with alternating current plug, the system is equipped with control box,the user has to provide 220V/ single – phase
power supply.
 The system is preassembled at the factory and fully tested as a complete system for complete inspection and verification. Then the unit will be partially disassembled into modules for shipping and a complete set of test reports will be sent with the system.
 All glass connections are ground glass joints.
 The left side is a constant pressure valve with small needle . when the top valve is closed, this valve can be opened to provide a constant pressure to the feeding container to facilitate material entry.
 The lower end is a medium-needle feed valve. This valve can be used to control the entering speed accurately to insure the stability of the operation. The most important feature of the needle valve is that it can isolate the vacuum and atmospheric pressure inside the system and stabilize the feed very accurately.
 Feed through the top side of the evaporator, helps make the device easier to clean. In order to prevent the vacuum performance of the device from deteriorating due to frequent disassembly of the device for cleaning.
 The connection port of the feed tank and evaporator is Rotilex ground mouth. Its sealing ring is PTFE composite gasket (corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant), and its sealing performance is ensured by extrusion linear seal.