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Rotary Evaporator, RE 501…


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Rotary Evaporator, RE 501 5L Rotovap, NEW


Rotary Evaporator, RE 501, 5L Rotovap, NEW

Rotating flask 5L
Collecting flask 3L


Rotary Evaporator, 5L Rotovap, NEW

Rotary evaporator use step-less speed to provide constant rotational speed for the evaporating flask so the material in the flask forms a large and uniformed film. Using very accurate digital temperature control the constant temperature water bath heats the rotating flask uniformly providing high-speed evaporation under vacuum. Then the highly-efficient glass condenser condenses the solvent vapor and it is collected in the receiving (collection) flask.

• The main bracket is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
• All glass components are borosilicate glass (GG-17), high temperature, anti-corrosion.
• Sealing system uses fluorine rubber and Teflon two-way combination seal for long life
corrosion-resistant sealing. Maintaining a tight vacuum within the system.
• Vacuum gauges show real-time vacuum, oil-based table with anti-vibration system.
• Upright three-layer serpentine coil condenser, main cooler + double cooler, ensuring high recovery.
• Continuous feeding valve with PTFE tube for higher production.
• Collecting Flask are equipped with drain valve to facilitate the collection and discharge of materials.
of evaporated extracts.
• Check valve control, continuous discharge while the system is running with a vacuum switch.
• All valves use the latest integrated sealing systems to provide good sealing with simple and simple and convenient operation.
•Microprocessor-based power switch control.
• LCD full screen display, temperature, speed dual digital display, bath thermostat
control, PT100-type sensor, quickly and accurately change to a new temperature.
• Brushless DC motor for stable rotation, no sparks and controlled slow down.
• Manual Bath lift.
• The bath is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel with a protective silicone outer coating to protect the user from the hot surface.
• Over-temperature protection. When the actual temperature exceeds the set temperature by 5 ºC, the machine will automatically power-off heating.
• Low water cut-off protection for the bath will automatically power off the system if the water falls to low in the bath. This protects the heating elements.
• Power failure protection. In the case of a sudden power failure while the system is running. The system will reset and remain in the off state when the power returns.

Technical data
Model SES RE 501
Rotating flask 5L
Collecting flask 3L
Vacuum degree 0.098Mpa