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RENTAL, Centrifuge, High Capacity (6L) Floor Model, Refrigerated, Beckman J-6B with 6 pl rotor, Refurbished


RENTAL, Centrifuge, High Speed High Capacity Floor Model, Refrigerated, Beckman J-6B with 6 pl rotor, Refurbished
Centrifuge rpm to 6,000
JS-4.2 Rotor: 6 places x 1000ml goes to 4200rpm


The Beckman J6-B High Capacity Centrifuge features an extensive list of functionalities including a conventional brush motor and reliable analog display. This Beckman model also features an advanced refrigeration option, a performance speed of 6000 rpm, and a maximum force of 6835 g.

Beckman J6-B High Capacity Centrifuge Specifications

Maximum Speed 6000 rpm
Maximum Speed Any speed outside the rotor’s critical speed range (~600 to 800rpm). Critical speed is the speed at which a rotor shifts from rotation about its center of mass. Critical Speed is characterized by some vibration.
Maxium RCF 6840 x g
Maximum Rotor Capacity 6 liters
Driver System 1.2 kW (1 ½ hp) dc motor; belt-driven driveshaft.
Speed Control Rotor Speed meter reading is within 50 rpm of setting on Speed dial, and within 150 rpm of actual rotor speed. Control rage is 0 to 6000 rpm.
Acceleration Time Minimum 15 seconds (JA-21 rotor), maximum 2.5 minutes (JS-4.2 rotor).
Braking System Electronic, variable braking
Maximum Braking Time At maximum brake setting: no more than twice the acceleration time.
Temperature Control Sample temperature is within 2°C of the desired temperature; within 1° if calibration has also been performed.
Temperature Control Range 0 to 40°C at full speed; as low as -25°C at reduced speed
Ambient Range 16°C to 38°C (60°F to 100°F)
Maximum Heat Output (During Operation) 1.9 kW (6500 Btu/h)
Timer Times up to 30 minutes (60 Hz instruments) or 36 minutes (50 Hz instruments), or HOLD; graduated in 1-minute increments
Rotor Chamber Diameter 580 mm (23”)
Electrical Requirements 3-wire single phase
Range for 208V/60Hz 187-223 V
Range for 240V/60Hz 224-264 V
Range for 220V/50Hz 210-224 V
Dimensions Right side (for tilting up door): 150mm (6”)
Left side:150mm (6”)
Back( distance from condenser fins to wall, essential for adequate ventilation):150 mm (6”)
Net weight: 252kg (555 lbs)
Height to door top(door closed): 940mm (37”).
Height to work surface(door open): 910mm (35.5”)
Overall height: 1270mm(50”)
Overall width: 711mm (28”)
Overall depth(without bracker): 825mm (32.5”)
Height with door open (left side): 1600mm(63”)
Designed for optimal performance, the Beckman J6-B is equipped with a dynamic electric braking, high torque drive system, and three significant figures digital speed readout. To further enhance the functionalities of the J6-B system, users can integrate it with a high capacity JS-4.2 rotor with six large one-liter cups and a JS-5.2 rotor with four one-liter cups.