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Melting Point Apparatus, Mettler FP62, Refurbished



Melting Point Apparatus, Mettler FP62, Refurbished

Mettler Toledo provides instruments for the determination of refractive indices and melting points, the two classical properties for liquid and solid compound characterization. Based on a light transmission method, the FP62 determines the melting point of solids scientifically and unbiased by an operator’s subjective impression. The instrument covers a broad application field, from teaching to quality control.

Specifications & Description

Max Temperature (° C)300
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C; ±0.5° to ±0.8°C from 200° to 300°C (linear increase)
Temperature Resolution0.1°
Heat-Up Time50° to 300°C in 3 minutes [0.1° to 10°C per minute] (variable)
Display0.5″, 4-digit LCD
Height (in)4 3/4
Depth (in)11 1/4
Width (in)9 1/2
Height (cm)12.07
Depth (cm)28.56
Width (cm)24.13
Power (VAC)100 to 240
Power (Hz)50/60
Power (watts)73
DescriptionDigital Melting Point Apparatus

•Uses Capillary Tubes, 1.3 to 1.5-mm dia Capillary Tubes

More About this Item

This automatic melting point apparatus is ideal for determining sample purities for quality control, educational, and research and development applications. Unit measures the reflection of incident light in the crystalline state and the increase in light transmittance during the melting process. Operation is simple — insert the test tube containing one to three mg of sample into the instrument, select the starting temperature and heating rate (user selectable between 0.1°C and 10°C per minute in steps of 0.1°C), and the visual and audible signals will indicate when the melting point is acheived.
The operator interface provides graphic display aids making set up and programming simple. The large LCD displays temperature readings to 0.1°C