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SciCANN which has been working in the Cannabis industry for 15 years. The SciCANN division of Scientific Equipment Source Inc is your source for new and refurbished Cannabis quality control laboratory testing equipment. We supply HPLC, GC, NIR, and more for Potency, terpenes, R&D, Residual solvents, moisture content, pesticide screening, microbiological purity, aflatoxins and more as well as consult on the LP process.

Integrator, Hewlett Packard Model 3395


Integrator, Hewlett Packard Model 3395


HP 3395 integrator is a low-cost, general-purpose data system that will work with a liquid or gas chromatograph from virtually any manufacturer. For about the same cost as a strip chart recorder, the HP 3395 includes features normally found only on more expensive integrators. Plus, its one-piece keyboard—with simple, easy-to-use keys—withstands continual use.

  • Assures reliable analyses. Plots baselines and calibration curves that provide a visual representation of detector response for easy-to-verify results.
  • Manages post-run execution of programs. Autoscheduler increases productivity. Automatically draws baselines during replotting.
  • Automates data analysis and reporting. Via batch reprocessing function.
  • Delivers excellent plot quality and printing. Prints inkjet output on plain paper for permanent results. Automatic START/STOP function prevents paper waste.
  • Produces annotated reports. Generates reports complete with amounts, retention times, calculation type (peak area or height), integration parameters, and time and date
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  • Stores and protects data. Standard RAM of 128K saves up to 21/2 hours of data and methods. File system aids in reanalyzing files. Plus, 100% memory backup preserves methods and data when the integrator is turned off, or after a power failure.
  • Performs multilevel calibrations. Up to 63 levels.
  • Includes RS-232-C communications port. For communicating with host computer.

Analog/Digital Conversion

Continuously integrating dual slope, 100% area conversion

Sampling Rate

20 readings/second

Maximum Retention Time

6900 minutes

Rentention Time Resolution

0.001 minute (0.06 second)

Maximum Storage Capacity

~1240 peaks

Detectable Peak Width Range

~0.3 second to 10 minutes at half-height




Area %, Height %, Normalization, Ext. Std., Ext. Std. %, Int. Std., Int. Std. %

Calibration Curve Methods

Single-point, point-to-point, linear regression (least squares), nonlinear (quadratic)

Dynamic Range


Input Range

-10 to +1000mV


0.2% maximum

Data Communications


Post-run Autoscheduling

Up to 20 programs

Batch Reprocessing

Up to 1000 files


Chart speeds, up to 30cm/min; bidirectional

Safety Classification

IEC Safety Class I

RFI Certification

FTZ 1046/1984 (VDE Level B)

Dimensions(without paper)

1411/16L x 1313/16W x 47/8 in.H (37 x 35 x 12cm)

Net Weight

91/2 lb. (4.3kg)

Electrical Requirements

115/230V 50/60Hz, 50VA