Integrator, Hewlett Packard Model 3395

Integrator, Hewlett Packard Model 3395

Integrator, Hewlett Packard Model 3395

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HP 3395 integrator is a low-cost, general-purpose data system that will work with a liquid or gas chromatograph from virtually any manufacturer. For about the same cost as a strip chart recorder, the HP 3395 includes features normally found only on more expensive integrators. Plus, its one-piece keyboard—with simple, easy-to-use keys—withstands continual use.

    • Assures reliable analyses. Plots baselines and calibration curves that provide a visual representation of detector response for easy-to-verify results.
    • Manages post-run execution of programs. Autoscheduler increases productivity. Automatically draws baselines during replotting.
    • Automates data analysis and reporting. Via batch reprocessing function.
    • Delivers excellent plot quality and printing. Prints inkjet output on plain paper for permanent results. Automatic START/STOP function prevents paper waste.
    • Produces annotated reports. Generates reports complete with amounts, retention times, calculation type (peak area or height), integration parameters, and time and date


  • Stores and protects data. Standard RAM of 128K saves up to 21/2 hours of data and methods. File system aids in reanalyzing files. Plus, 100% memory backup preserves methods and data when the integrator is turned off, or after a power failure.
  • Performs multilevel calibrations. Up to 63 levels.
  • Includes RS-232-C communications port. For communicating with host computer.

Analog/Digital Conversion

Continuously integrating dual slope, 100% area conversion

Sampling Rate

20 readings/second

Maximum Retention Time

6900 minutes

Rentention Time Resolution

0.001 minute (0.06 second)

Maximum Storage Capacity

~1240 peaks

Detectable Peak Width Range

~0.3 second to 10 minutes at half-height




Area %, Height %, Normalization, Ext. Std., Ext. Std. %, Int. Std., Int. Std. %

Calibration Curve Methods

Single-point, point-to-point, linear regression (least squares), nonlinear (quadratic)

Dynamic Range


Input Range

-10 to 1000mV


0.2% maximum

Data Communications


Post-run Autoscheduling

Up to 20 programs

Batch Reprocessing

Up to 1000 files


Chart speeds, up to 30cm/min; bidirectional

Safety Classification

IEC Safety Class I

RFI Certification

FTZ 1046/1984 (VDE Level B)

Dimensions(without paper)

1411/16L x 1313/16W x 47/8 in.H (37 x 35 x 12cm)

Net Weight

91/2 lb. (4.3kg)

Electrical Requirements

115/230V 50/60Hz, 50VA


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