ICP-OES Varian Vista MPX

ICP-OES Varian Vista MPX

CAD $30,000.00

Model No – ICP-OES Varian Vista MPX

Condition – New/Refurbished

Manufacturer – Varian

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CAD $30,000.00

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With the Vista-MPX, you can experience all the benefits of simultaneous ICP-OES. Because the Vista-MPX captures the entire spectral image in one reading, you save time and argon costs. Whether you have tens or hundreds of samples to analyze each day, Vista-MPX will save you money. Simultaneous ICP means simultaneous background correction and internal standardization–resulting in more accurate and precise results with excellent long term stability. The unique MPX CCD array detector is cooled to -30°C for the ultimate in low noise performance and best possible detection limits. For the best value simultaneous ICP-OES–choose Vista-MPX.


Only Varian can offer the productivity of simultaneous ICP coupled with the benefits of our unique CCD detector technologies. With MultiCal, the measurement of major and trace elements in soils, waters and other samples is made easy with just one plasma view. This extended linear dynamic range coupled with the freedom from interferences offered by the MPX CCD detector, makes the Vista-MPX ideal for environmental applications.

For even greater productivity, our built-in Fast Automated Curve-fitting Technique (FACT) achieves on-line spectral deconvolution with no time penalties. For your most complex spectral interference problems, simply aspirate a typical sample matrix and use the FACT wizard to solve spectral interferences. Traditional spectral deconvolution techniques require spectral scanning methods that can triple or quadruple the analysis time. FACT’s productivity means you can analyze more samples per day and further reduce argon consumption.


Varian’s ICP-Expert software is based on our award-winning worksheet concept. Samples are presented as rows, while elements and wavelengths are presented as columns, creating an easy to use worksheet with all data readily at hand. With ICP–Expert you can become an expert user quickly, with Wizards that guide you through each operation and a video Help system which shows you how to do everything from changing a nebulizer to replacing pump tubing.


ICP-Expert features unmatched software capabilities, including:

  • Standard Additions calibration
  • Calibration reslopes
  • Full post-analysis data reprocessing of standard concentrations, curve fit, internal standards, background correction points and more
  • Full data editing–simply click to mask replicates or solutions from calculations
  • Complete units conversion facilities and reporting of results in molecular forms such as KCl or NaCl.
  • Full Quality Control Protocols software for compliance with all international regulatory needs.

Linear Dynamic Range from Parts Per Billion To Percent Levels The unique Vista-MPX CCD detector provides full wavelength coverage from 175—785 nm.

Vertical or Horizontal Plasma? Vista-MPX offers either optimized axially viewed or radially viewed plasma systems. The horizontal, axially viewed plasma is ideal for environmental applications that require excellent sensitivity and MultiCal provides the dynamic range needed from one plasma view.

Varian’s axially viewed plasma is suitable for the routine analysis of samples with dissolved

solids contents up to 5%.

Flexible Sample Introduction Vista–MPX is compatible with a range of sample introduction options that are easily and rapidly exchanged for aqueous, organics and HF applications.

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