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ICP/MS Perkin Elmer Elan…


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ICP/MS Perkin Elmer Elan 6000, Refurbished


ICP/MS Perkin Elmer Elan 6000

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ICP/MS Perkin Elmer Elan 6000
The ELAN 6100 is a fully computer-controlled laboratory instrument. A unique feature is the AutoLens ion optic system for “on-the-fly” computer controlled lens optimization. AutoLens allows every element in a multi-element analysis to be determined at its optimum lens voltage while the quadrupole is scanned, to achive maximum analyte ion signal with minimum matrix suppression. The thermostatically controled fast electronics allows for single point peak hopping. The dual-stage discrete dynode detector allows both high and low range signals to be measured simultaneously in a single scan.

This instrument was the first ICP-MS instrument with simultaneous extended dynamic range detector single scanning lens optimized for ICP-MS improved S/N through single-point peak hopping

Dimensions (w x d x h in cm)
99 x 73 x 110
Weight (kg)
Mass filter quadrupole
Mass range 1-270
Resolution 0.3-3.0 amu
dual-stage discrete dynode electron multiplier
Dynamic range (orders of magnitude) 8
Vacuum system
ICP generator
Frequency (MHz)
Power (Watt) 1500
Load coil

Argon flow (L/min)
Sample introduction cross-flow nebulizer, HF-resistant Scott-type spray chamber

QA/QC, automated analytical methods development, isotope dilution package,
Computer Pentium PC
Short term precision (RSD for 10 replicates)
Long term precision (RSD for 4 hours)
Sensitivity (Mcps/ppm)
Detection limits (3s, ng/L)
Isotope ratio precision (RSD for Ag-107/Ag-109)