ICP/MS Agilent 7700x

ICP/MS Agilent 7700x


Model No – ICP/MS Agilent 7700X

Condition – Refurbished

Manufacturer – Agilent

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Agilent ASX-500. Ideal for medium to high sample throughput applications, with rack configurations providing up to 360 vial positions.


Sample introduction

A low-flow, Peltier cooled sample introduction system increases operational stability and consistency

(standard on all 7700 mainframes).


Electronic gas control

Proprietary Active Mass Flow Controllers deliver precise control of all plasma and cell gases.


Interface and cones

Robust, standard Ni, or optional Pt tipped cones are easy to access and remove/replace during routine maintenance (no tools are required for removal and refitting of the sampling cone). Torch position automatically realigns with the interface following maintenance to the torch or cones.


Plasma RF generator

This fast, frequency-matching RF generator increases the tolerance of changing matrices. Even volatile organic solvents can be introduced without affecting plasma stability. Includes ShieldTorch System as standard, providing the narrow ion energy spread required for effective interference removal in He mode.


Off-axis ion lens

Provides continuously focused ion transmission, and the lowest mass bias of any ICP-MS. In addition, the ion lens is located outside the high vacuum region, making it easy to access for scheduled cleaning


Vacuum system

A single, high-performance split-flow turbo pump and single external rotary pump ensure fast pump-down and simple maintenance.


Octopole Reaction System (ORS3)

This new temperature-controlled collision/reaction cell has a low internal volume, making it ideal for high cell pressures and rapid cell mode switching. No more compromised mixedgas conditions.


Octopole ion guide

Provides high ion transmission and superior focus, ensuring minimal ion scattering at high cell pressures. This enables efficient operation in He mode, and delivers lower detection limits without the drawbacks of reactive cell gases.


Hyperbolic quadrupole

The only hyperbolic quadrupole used in ICP-MS delivers superior peak separation and abundance sensitivity, without needing custom quad settings to separate adjacent peaks.

Electron multiplier detector

Provides a full 9 orders dynamic range with standard hardware and operating conditions. 

Integration time is short

(100us) in both pulse and analog mode.