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SciCANN which has been working in the Cannabis industry for 15 years. The SciCANN division of Scientific Equipment Source Inc is your source for new and refurbished Cannabis quality control laboratory testing equipment. We supply HPLC, GC, NIR, and more for Potency, terpenes, R&D, Residual solvents, moisture content, pesticide screening, microbiological purity, aflatoxins and more as well as consult on the LP process.

HPLC System, Waters Alliance E2695 with 2998 and Empower 3


HPLC System, Waters Alliance E2695 with 2998 PDA and Empower 3

Waters e2695 Separations Module
2998 Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector
Column Heater
Empower 3 Data System


HPLC System, Waters Alliance E2695 with 2998 and Empower 3

10mm flow cell with a max pressure of 1000 PSI

Installation & Familiarization
Validation and PM packages
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Waters Alliance e2695 Separations Module with 2998 PDA
The Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module is a high performance liquid chromatographic system with a quaternary, low-pressure mixing pump and inline vacuum degassing.

-Operational flow rate range: 0.050 to 5.000 mL/min in 0.001 mL/min increments
-Gradient profiles: 11 gradient curves (including linear. Step(2), concave(4), and convex(4)
-Maximum operating pressure: 5000psi (345 bar)
-Flow accuracy: ± 1% or 10 µl/min whichever is greater, 0.200 ro 5.000mL/minSample vials 120 vials,
-configured in five carousels of 24 vials eachNumber of injections: 1 to 99 injections per sample vial

The Waters 2998 Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector offers advanced optical detection, providing unprecedented trace impurity detection and quantitation in conjunction with spectral analysis capabilities. High-quality spectral resolution by operating at a fixed optical resolution of 1.2 nm