HPLC System, Hewlett Packard 1050 System

HPLC System, Hewlett Packard 1050 System

HPLC System, Hewlett Packard 1050 System

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The 1050 is the first of the Hewlett Packard modular HPLC systems. Modular, stackable, standalone, computer control, easy to service, reliable, flexible. These systems used limited bench space because of their stackable design which makes systems easy to customize by adding or removing components and also them easy to maintain and service simply by removing the module that requires service.

This HPLC still today remains a great choice for your lab to give you a versatile, productive, and reliable instrument that will not break the bank. With low cost to purchase, lease and rental options. HPLC is now more affordable than ever before. From Isocratic to Quatenary pumps. From Variable wavelengths to Diode array detectors (DAD) the 1050 has it all.

Scientific Equipment Source is waiting to customize a system for you, so call today! Full one year parts and labour warranty and our phone technical support is included with every system.

Available components for systems:

  • Detectors
    • 79853C Variable Wavelength UV/Vis Detector
    • 1046A Fluorescence Detector
    • 1047A Refractive Index Detector
    • 1049A Electrochemical Detector
    • G1306A Series II Standalone Diode Array Detector
  • Pumps
    • 79852A Quaternary Pump
  • Autosamplers
    • 79855A 21-Vial Autosampler
    • 18596 100-vial sample expansion tray (#024)
  • Other components
    • G1303A Vacuum Degasser
    • Solvent tray
  • Additional Options
    • #018 Stainless steel flow cell
    • #021 Manual Injector
    • #022 Column Heater
    • #023 Manual injector and column heater
    • #024 100 sample tray
    • #305 HPIB communication interface

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