GC Tray, Hewlett Packard 7673B..18596B

GC Tray, Hewlett Packard 7673B..18596B

GC Tray, Hewlett Packard 7673B..18596B

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The HP 7673B Automatic Sampler is made up of three modules.

  • The HP 18594B controller and communication module supplies power and communications to the injector and tray.
  • The HP 18593B injector module removes a volume of sample from a vial and injects it into inlet using the fast injection technique.
  • The HP 18596B tray module moves samples vials to and from the injector and the bar code reader.

The HP 18587A bar code reader module is also available. It reads the vial numbers and special functions for running the method. It can also be used for agitating the sample vial.

The automatic sampler becomes part of your gas chromatography system. It introduces sample to an inlet or a column on your gas chromatograph.

The automatic sampler, with or without the tray, can be controlled by a variety of integrators and computers, including:

  • Its own electronics (standalone control)
  • HP 3393 and HP 3396 integrators
  • HP 5890A and 5890 series II gas chromatograph
  • Most HP laboratory automation systems
  • Most HP ChemStation software
  • Suitably programmed external computers.
  • Clarity software

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