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SciCANN which has been working in the Cannabis industry for 15 years. The SciCANN division of Scientific Equipment Source Inc is your source for new and refurbished Cannabis quality control laboratory testing equipment. We supply HPLC, GC, NIR, and more for Potency, terpenes, R&D, Residual solvents, moisture content, pesticide screening, microbiological purity, aflatoxins and more as well as consult on the LP process.

Full Delta and SES CBD extraction and Isolate line, Condition NEW


Full CBD extraction line, Condition NEW
-Ethanol Cooling module
-Extraction system
-Filer unit,
-Solvent Recovery system
-Decarboxylation system
-Distillation system
-Crystallization Unit

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Full CBD extraction line, Condition NEW

1.Ethanol Cooling Unit
Un-used Perma Cool Systems Electro Ethanol Chiller.12 HP redundant dual compressor, 40c Electro Ethanol Chiller. Includes Perma Flow pump and chilling vessel. With it’s unique twin unit compressor rig the HX Box can cool 30 gallons of ethanol from 20c to -40c in 30 minutes. The same unit can be configured to do 160 gallons from 20c to -20 in 1 hour.
PROCESS SIDE EXCHANGE (HX BOX). This ACP-30 chills 30 gallons of ethanol from ambient 72° F to -40° Fin under 30 min. The chiller comes with predefined mechanical set points. Both the heat exchanges and the Perma Flow Pumps motor are UL listed.
DUAL COMPRESSORS – 12HP. 12hp of two combined 6hp compressors working together to bring power and reliability. Outdoor rated and UL listed enclosure meets all local and federal building code requirements.
CHILLING VESSEL: Holds the ethanol that’s being processed down to -40° F The ethanol cycles out of the vessel, through the chiller, back into the vessel until it reaches temp.
FLUXBOX: The Flux Box component is an advanced refrigerant management system for enhanced system efficiency and durability.
PLC CONTROLS. Introducing PLC controlled automation. Fully UL listed system using top of the line hardware. Runs your system safe and efficiently. Allows for 24/7 monitoring – we will know of a problem before you do. Displays temperature and functional information – keeping your system optimized to maximum efficiency.

2. Extraction Unit
A. Delta separations CUP-15
Production Capacity ,8-14 pounds* (3.6-6 kg) of Plant Material Per Batch
*Depending on mill size, Alcohol Requirement: 12-13 Gallons per run
Avg. Run Time: 10 – 20 Min**Depending on SOP
Approx: 300 pounds (136 kilograms) Processing Per 8 hr Shift UL Certified to ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC 1389
The Ethanol extractor includes main apparatus, lenticular filter, (10) 15.5-gallon kegs and (6) keg transfer kits. Designed to target botanical compounds from a variety of plant species by combining closed-loop cold alcohol extraction with mechanical centrifugation and controlling solvent residence times, RPM control, agitation force and temperature. Rated for maximum speed of 1200 RPM, 50 RPM minimum, 60 deg. C (140 deg. F), -40 deg. C (-104 deg. F), Basket capacity of 8 to 12 lbs. Includes 2 HP motor, 230V, 60Hz, 2500W power consumption.
B. Accessories for the CUP-15, new
(10) 15.5 Gal kegs, (100) 15-Gal mesh bags, (8) CUP-15 Transfer Kit (Dip Tube) (4) Hose, 6FT 1″ ID, 1.5 TC HE High Alcohol, Low Temp, Includes (1) 15-gal dip tube body, (2) 1.5″ Cap, (4) Gasket, (4) Clamp, (1) Pressure Gauge, (2) valves, (1) PRV, (1) FDV Kit, (1) Manifold

3.Filter Unit
A. Vacuum filter Model: ZF-100L Model: ZF-100L Glass material: GG-17 Frame material: Stainless steel Flask volume: 100L Funnel size(mm):550*320 Funnel material: Stainless steel Reaction opening: 3 Overall size(mm):580*5800*2000 Weight: 90kg
B. Vacuum pump (Matched the filter) Model: 2XZ-4 Suction rate: 4L/s Speed: 1400rpm Motor power: 0.55KW Noise: 67dBA Oil content: 1L

4.Solvent Recovery Unit
A. Falling film evaporator +Steam boiler(200L/H) 1.Structure: A. tubular heater+vacuum evaporation B. tubular condersor cooling system C.equipped with two 72kw electric heating steam generators; 2. Equipment composition: A.heater 12m2; B. condenser 16m2; C.separator; D. feed pump; E. discharge pump; F.vacuum pump; G.balance cylinder; H.electric control box; I.bracket; J.internal connecting pipe fittings; 3. material thickness: A. heater: δ = 3mm / SS304, tube: SS304; B.separator δ = 4mm / SS304; C.condenser δ = 3mm / SS304; tube:SS304; 4. work pressure: Heating steam: 0.3MPa; equipment ultimate vacuum: – 0.095 MPa; system: Feed pump 1.1kw; discharge pump 0.75kw; condensate pump 0.75kw; vacuum pump 2.2kw
B. Industrial Chiller (LP- M70F) 1.Compressor : Cooling power: 151.1KW Voltage:220V/60HZ,3phase 2. The refrigerant: R134A 3. Evaporator: Chilled water outlet temperature:7 ℃ Chilled water inlet temperature:12 ℃ Cool water flow: 6.2m³/H Size: DN50MM 4.
Condenser: Inlet air temp: 35℃ Outlet air temp: 45℃

5. Decarboxylation Unit
Decarboxylation reactor Model: DS-20 Glass material: GG-17 Frame : SS304 Reactor volume: 20L Jacketed volume:8L Receiving volume: 5L Temperature: -80-250℃ Vacuum degree:-0.098Mpa Stirring speed: 0-450rpm Stirring shaft diameter: 15mm Sirring power: 90W1/3.
Circulating oil bath Model: GY-20L Main, stainless steel Volume: 28L Oil pump power: 120W Flow rate: 5-10L/min Pump lift: 8-12m Heating power: 3KW Temp. range: 0-300℃ Temp. accuracy: ±1℃ Intelligent temp. control With K type sensor and digital display
Chiller Model: DLSB-10/10 Volume: 10L Lowest temp: -10℃ Refrigerating capacity(W): 1248- 319 Flow: 20L/min Circulating pump power: 100W
Vacuum pump Model: SHZ-95B Flow(L/min):80 Lift(m):12 Voltage:220v/50HZ Power:370W Single head pumping capacity(L/min):10 Capacity(L):50 Vacuum: -0.098Mpa Pumping head NO.: 5 Overall size:450*340*870 ,Stainless steel

6.Distillation Unit
Molecular distillation (LMD-150) Model: LMD-150 Evaporation Area: 0.25m2 Processing Rate:1.0-8 KG/H Including the main molecular distiller, supporting heater and chiller and vacuum pump system, and 5 options (The same with the picture)

7.Crystallization Unit
A. Crystallization reactor Model:CR-20 Reaction flask:20L Receiving flask:10L Vacuum degree: -0.098Mpa Temperature: -80-250℃ Filtering accuracy: 10um.
B. High and low temperature circulating system Model: GDSZ-20/-40+200℃ Volume:20L Lowest temp: -40℃ High temp: 200℃ Heating power(W):3000 Refrigerating and Pumping Capacity (W): 3720- 980, (W):100W Flow:20L/min
C. Chiller Model: DLSB-10/10 Volume: 10L Lowest temp: -10℃ Refrigerating capacity(W): 1248- 319 Flow: 20L/min Circulating pump power: 100W
D. Vacuum pump: SHZ-95B Flow(L/min):80 Lift(m):12 Voltage:220v/50HZ Power:370W Single head pumping capacity(L/min):10 Capacity(L):50 Vacuum: -0.098Mpa Pumping head NO.: 5 Overall size:450*340*870 Material: Stainless steel.