Flash Chromatography, Teledyne Companion, Refurbished

Flash Chromatography, Teledyne Companion, Refurbished

The CombiFlash® Companion® personal flash chromatography

Companion uses precision packed RediSep® Rf columns to yield more pure compound in less time than any glass column or other disposable. Columns from 4 grams to 330 grams are quickly interchangeable with no additional hardware, for fast, easy scale-up from milligrams to tens of grams of purified sample.

CombiFlash Companion automatically senses the column size and programs itself with optimal conditions for that column. Because the software is specifically designed to meet the needs of purification rather than analysis, you can change method parameters with real-time control. If you want to change the gradient any time during a run, simply click a point on the gradient profile, and drag to the desired value to immediately modify the solvent mixture.
• All method parameters may be changed during the run. Companion provides real-time method control—including click-and-drag gradients.
• Companion automatically detects column size. When you change columns, errors are eliminated with auto-method configuration. Companion uses all sizes of RediSep® Rf columns up to 330 grams with no additional hardware.
• Convert from normal to reversed phase conditions in minutes. Change solvents rapidly with the optional solvent management module.
• Sense remaining solvent volume in each reservoir with the optional solvent management module. Never run out of solvent again!
• UV wavelength is selectable from 200 to 360 nm. The diode array spectrophotometer detects a wide range of compounds
• desktop, or laptop. Control
• Reliable fraction collection uses Isco Foxy® technology. Companion holds up to 288 tubes at a time. Our is set up with 72 places
• Safety exceeds regulatory requirements. Companion is equipped with a vapor sensor and an over-pressure sensor and has a fully grounded solvent path. End of run shut-down is automatic.
• CombiFlash® Companion®
Depth 54 cm
Height 49 cm
Width 49 cm
Power Requirements 100/117 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 234 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight 27.2 kg
Additional Specifications
Samples per run: 1
Solvent delivery: Two maintenance-free, valveless metering pumps
Certification and compliance:
CE, CSA, IMERC (LCD touch screen display contains Mercury, dispose according to local, state, or federal laws.)
Programmable gradients: 2 solvent isocratic, linear and/or step gradients; optional 4-solvent capability
RediSep Rf column sizes:
4g to 330g
Rated pressure: 50 psi (3.5 bar)
Liquid sample loading: Injection valve to load column directly
Solid sample loading: Solid load cartridge for low-solubility samples
On-line UV detection: Photodiode array absorbance detector (200 – 360 nm)
Fraction collection: Foxy fraction collector with 144 tube capacity, unlimited rack changes, optional 288 tube capacity
Optional tube sizes: Racks available for 12, 13, 16, 18, & 25 mm tubes, 480 ml bottles, and other containers


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