Falling film evaporator (100L/H)

Falling film evaporator (100L/H)

Model No – FFE – 100

Condition – New/Refurbished

Manufacturer – SES

Shipping – 3 to 5 Business days (CAN/US)/ 5 to 10 Business days (International Shipping)

Lease Rental – Available


Model: FFE-100

Evaporator: 100L/H

Heating area:5㎡

Condenser area: 7.5㎡

Feeding pump: 1.1KW

Discharge pump(Concentrate): 1.1KW

Discharge pump(Ethonal): 1.1KW

Water ring vacuum pump:0.81KW

Total power: 4.11KW

Voltage: 220V/60HZ, 3P

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