Savant Electrophoresis Gel pump

Savant Electrophoresis Gel pump

Model No – Gp 100

Condition – Refurbished

Manufacturer – 

Shipping – 3 to 5 Business days (CAN/US)/ 5 to 10 Business days (International Shipping)

Lease Rental – Available

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Savant Electrophoresis Gel pump Gp 100

This patented Gel Pump is a quiet, compact, efficient vacuum source developed specifically for gel drying applications. The oil-free design and TEFLON/ETFE coated vapor path of the Gel Pump deliver maximum reliability and reduced maintenance. Gel Pump is the only vacuum pump on the market which can be equipped with a trap for radioactivity, which provides the safest environment for gel drying applications. 


 TEFLON coated, self-cleaning pre-trap for pump protection, 

 One-liter post-pump solvent recovery vessel for safe collection and easy disposal of condensed solvents.

Ultimate Vacuum level 7 torr/9 mbar

Whisper quiet operation at 48 dBA      

Self-cleaning liquid/vapor separator

36 Liters/min at 60Hz

30 Liters/min at 50Hz 


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