Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Persee A3G, Graphite

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Persee A3G, Graphite


Model No – Persee A3G

Condition – New

Manufacturer – Persee

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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Persee A3G, Graphite


The A3 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a high performance automated instrument designed to meet the requirements of the modern laboratory. Due to its versatility and performance it can be used for a wide range of applications.

Three flame options are available to the user with the Air/Acetylene being the standard configuration. This flame can be used for nearly all standard elements while the N2O/Acetylene and the Air/LPG (natural gas) are available as an option for the more demanding elements. All three flame configurations offer coded burners for full safety protection.


The graphite head is fixed into the optical path to maximize performance and eliminate drift. The temperature of the transversely heated graphite tube is accurately controlled by means of a precision feedback system. Pyrolytically coated platform tubes are supplied as standard to improve the performance and eliminate many analytical problems associated with this technique.


The flame and graphite furnace can be changed over by a simple selection in versatile AA Win Pro software.



  • Wavelength range 190-900 nm
  • Light source Hollow cathode lamp (HCL), Deuterium Arc lamp (D2)
  • Modulation Square wave pulse
  • Modulation frequency 100 hz self reversal (SR) background,
  • 400 hz Deuterium Arc (D2) background
  • Monochromator
  • Grating 1800 grooves/mm diffraction grating
  • Blazed wavelength 250 nm
  • Focus 300 nm
  • Bandwidth 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 nm
  • Scan mode Automatic
  • Photometric type Single beam
  • Wavelength accuracy ±0.15 nm
  • Wavelength resolution 0.2 nm±0.02 nm
  • Wavelength reproducibility <0.05 nm Spectral bandwidth 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 nm Baseline stability 0.005 A/30 min Stray light ≤0.12 %T (220 nm NaI, 340 nm NaNO2) Background correction Deuterium Arc (D2) 1.0 Abs, Self Reversal (SR) 3.0 Abs Flame Analysis Flame types Air/Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene, Air/Propane (LPG) Sensitivity (Cu) 2 μg/ml Absorption >0.280 Abs
  • Characteristic concentration Cu<0.02 μg/ml, Ba<0.15 μg/ml (N2O/Acetylene) Detection limit Cu<0.004 μg/ml Repeatability Cu<0.7 % (Air/Acetylene Flame) Ba<1.0 % (Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene Flame) Burner heads Titanium alloy Nebulizer High efficiency glass, Acid proof available as an option Pre-mix chamber Corrosion resistant Atomizer selection Manual (A3F) Automatic changeover (A3FG) Safety features Burner identification, flame sensor, gas leak sensor, low gas pressure sensor, drain trap sensor, power loss protection Graphite Furnace Analysis Graphite head Transversally heated Temperature range Ambient-2650 ℃ Heating program Up to 10 steps. Drying, Ashing, Atomization, Cleaning Feedback Voltage and optical temperature control feedback Sensitivity (Cu) 50 ng/m Absorption>0.40 Abs
  • Detection limit Cd<0.004 ng/ml Repeatability Cu<2.0 %, Cd<2.0 % Graphite tubes Pyrolytically coated with platform Sample size Up to 20μl Graphite cooling Water circulator available Safety features Burner Identification, Flame Sensor, Gas leak Sensor, Low Gas Pressure Sensor, Drain Trap Sensor, Power Loss Protection, Circulation Water (graphite), Over Temperature Sensor (graphite) Data Processing Operating program AA Win Pro software Analytical methods Flame AA, Flame AE, Graphite Furnace, Hydride Generation Readout Mode Continuous, manual, peak height, peak area calibrations Multi-standard calibration, standard addition, interpolation Data storage Analytical results, instrument and measurement parameters, signal profile, calibration curve Power Requirements Main unit 220 VAC 50/60 Hz 200 W Graphite power supply 380VAC 50/60Hz, instantaneous power 5 kW current rating 7 kW Dimensions Main unit 44 x 21 x 21 in, 165 lb Graphite power supply 20 x 21 x 21 in, 154 lb Accessories & Spare Parts


AS3 Universal Auto sampler


The device is a dedicated flame and graphite auto sampler for A3 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. It can suck standard samples and samples automatically and clean the sampling head and pipelines automatically. Also can prepare standard by auto dilution.


0932-04-03-01-00 Glass Nebulizer


For general purpose, cannot proof acid.




CW-1Y Cooling Water Circulator


CW-1Y Cooling water circulator takes water as the heat transfer medium to transfer the heat quantity produced by the instruments or equipments, then the refrigerating machine dissipates the heat outside to ensure the instruments working in the normal temperature.


Flame Burner head


500-023 Coded Nitrous Oxide Burner 50mmTi Alloy Burner

500-030 Coded Propane Burner 3*100mm Ti Alloy Burner


Single Element Hollow Cathode Lamps (All Elements)


Different element analysis needs different element lamp


B301001-00 Graphite Tubes with Platform


Lifetime over than 300 times heating


AC-1Y Air Compressor


AC-1Y air compressor can be used to supply an atomic absorption spectrophotometer with compressed air.

Rated discharge pressure: 44psi

Output rate: 0.3-0.9m3/h (adjustable)

Noise: smaller than 55dB

Power supply: AC110V 60HZ

Dimension: 400×300×620(mm)