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300L Ultrasonic Ethanol Extraction…


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SciCANN which has been working in the Cannabis industry for 15 years. The SciCANN division of Scientific Equipment Source Inc is your source for new and refurbished Cannabis quality control laboratory testing equipment. We supply HPLC, GC, NIR, and more for Potency, terpenes, R&D, Residual solvents, moisture content, pesticide screening, microbiological purity, aflatoxins and more as well as consult on the LP process.

300L Ultrasonic Ethanol Extraction and concentration System, NEW


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300L low temperature ethanol extraction, extractor, system, NEW

Cooling devices Chiller Cool ethanol from room temperature -40C – -60C, 22KW 1
Pre-cooling solvent storage tank 400L, SUS304 1
Ultrasonic extraction devices Ultrasonic extraction tank 300L, SUS304; with ultrasonic generator, 26KHz; with stirring device, total 4.5KW 1
Expansion tank 3L 1
Frequency converter 1.5KW 1
Cartridge filter 400*600,SUS304 2
Filtration bag 6
Extracts storage tank 500L, SUS304, negative pressure 1
Evaporation devices
Evaporation tank 100L, SUS304 1
Evaporation circulating pump Q=15m3/h H=40m, SUS304, 5.5KW 1
Frequency converter 5.5KW 1
Hot water circulating pump Q=5m3/h H=32m, SUS304, 3.0KW 1
Condenser 3 ㎡, SUS304 1
Recovery liquid storage tank 100L, SUS304 1
Evaporation’s heating devices
Tube-in-tube heater 3 ㎡, SUS304 1
Electric heating tank 100L, 30KW 1
Real-time liquidometer SUS304 1
Evaporation’s cooling devices
Cold water circulating pump Q=10m3/h H=30m, SUS304, 3.0KW 1
Water cooling tower 8 ㎡ 1
Vacuum devices
Vacuum pump 27m3/h, SUS304, 1.1KW 1
Buffer tank 30L, SUS304 1
Circulating liquid storage tank 50L, SUS304 1
Vacuum system’s condenser 1 ㎡, SUS304 1
Plate heat ex-changer 1 ㎡, SUS304 1
control, platforms and accessories
Electric control cabinet Associated control
Extraction platform SUS304
Pipe and fittings Quick-connection type, SUS304
Electric attachments
Low temperature sealing material Packaging
Spare parts
Normal temperature seals 20
Low temperature seals 15
Low temperature sealing strip 5
Filtration bag 6
Mechanical seal 3