Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repairs

We, as lab equipment service providers, take care of your needs and services such as laboratory instrument services, lab equipment repair, scientific equipment repair, and maintenance, analytical instrument repair, scientific instrument repair services, test instrument and lab equipment repair, etc. We have also emerged as established HPLC service providers.

Here’s how we work SES can find the right fit for you-so call us today!

  • SES has been providing better laboratory equipment repair and maintenance services for many years. Our team of experienced technicians grants all types of laboratory equipment repair services to the customer's equipment. Our service area is fully equipped, and we are confident enough to lend you the top services to get your equipment in a new and running state in the tiniest of time.

  • Our repairs have a standard warranty to have a backup of the work we do.

  • Lab instruments repair in the USA and lab equipment repair in Canada follow a proper routine where the present state of the equipment is evaluated and marked if it is suitable to repair. Laboratory repair services are then followed by the further diagnosis of the faults present in the kit.

  • A significant part of refurbished lab equipment is the related cost. We determine the overall cost of the repair and contact the client for approval. Further processing is carried out only with the support of the clients on the calculated prices. This is followed by repairing, replacing the parts, reassembling, instrument testing, calibration, and a live run-on test for a certain burn-in period to verify it for long-term sustained performance.

  • Every service we deliver confides in the client of our quality and performance along with additional warranty to back the services up. So, when looking for lab equipment repair near me, trust none other than SES.

Why Choose Us? What if my equipment is not cost worth to repair?

  • We are there to help you replace your equipment. You get a wide range of new and refurbished items which you can choose from according to the requirements. SES serves all types of analytical equipment such as GC, GC/MS, HPLC, UV/Vis, and AA, to name a few.
  • We also have a wide variety of general lab equipment such as autoclaves, balances, centrifuges, hoods, and many more.
  • Our lab equipment is manufactured from some of the leading brands of the world, such as Agilent, Hewlett Packard, GBC, Varian, Waters, Perkin Elmer, Market Forge, Acculab, Mars, Beckman, Sorvall, Dupont, Quincy, Kendro, IEC, Wisconsin Aluminium, and Airguard to name a few.
  • So if you’re looking for improvised quality equipment, affordable prices, and one-stop shopping, you have landed at the right place- SES!

Scientific Equipment Source Inc

carries a wide range of new and used laboratory equipment and scientific apparatus. The used equipment has been fully rebuilt and reconditioned and then certified by trained technicians to provide great equipment at an affordable price.