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ATR-SW,  automatic microprocessor controlled critical angle refractometer


This SCHMIDT+HAENSCH automatic microprocessor controlled critical angle refractometer is designed to measure the refractive index of liquid media independent of opacity, viscosity and colour. It consists of separate electronic and measuring devices to enable single and continuous measurements. Convincing design of device from stainless steel allows horizontal and vertical application of the sample room with a thermostatable sapphire prism. The prism is illuminated by a 589 nm LED and the angle of total reflection is detected by a diode array which guarantees high resolution and stability. The ATR-SW enables to complete measurements in a quick and easy way by using splash proofed touch-in panel. It's new housing for the electronic offers more space for a bigger LCD display and an alphanumeric foil keypad. Batch numbers can be entered directly and also simple forms can be created and printed out. The scale key offers two scales; refractive index and %Brix temperature corrected within +10 to +50 C range. Different sample room doors with and without water circulation facilities for manual or automatic sample changing complete the versatility.


  • Measurement of liquid media irrespective of viscosity, opacity and colour
  • Electronic and measuring devices separate
  • Single and continuous measurements
  • Different sample room doors
  • Date and time function
  • Up to 4 user--defined scales programmable


  • Chemical industry :Solvents,organic polymers, destilled products,solutions of anorganic compounds.
  • Food industry:Yoghurt,jam,fruit extract, syrup, honey,coffee extract,vegetable fat,albumen, chocolate, milk, baby food etc.
  • Beverage:Soft drinks,fruit juice,wine,beer.
  • Medical applications:Serum,blood,urine.
  • Pharmaceutical /cosmetical industry:Essences, essential oils,aromas.
  • Petrochemics:Oils,fats,waxes,naphtalenes,raw oils,
  • varnishes,paints.

Technical Specification

  • Measuring ranges RI 1.33200 -1.53200 / Brix 0 - 95%
  • Resolution RI 0.00002 / Brix 0.02 %
  • Precision RI 0.00004 / Brix 0.04 %
  • Working temperature +5 C up to +50 C
  • Display Illuminated 16 character LCD
  • Prism Sapphire,thermostatable
  • Light source 589nm LED
  • Data output RS 232 C and parallel interface, USB optional
  • Dimensions Electronic device 185x360x165mm Measuring device 160x195x155mm
  • Weight 8 kg (complete unit)

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