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Schmidt, Model ATR-ST

Automatic Critical-angle Refractometer. The new ATR-ST an critical angle refractometer for the measuring of liquid media from low to high viscosity, and independent of opacity and color. The ATR instrument are available in a variety of configurations for laboratory and production quality control.

The ATR-ST of SCHMIDT+HAENSCH, equipped with a detachable funnel, replaces the ATR E and C and offers an additional range of possibilities. The newly designed casing offers more space for a bigger LCD display and a splash proofed foil keyboard. Batch numbers can be entered directly and also simple form may be created and printed out.4 special scales, one of them being programmed as Brix scale and one of them as a grease scale according to Leithe by the factory, allow various applications in production and laboratory. The software of the ATR-ST, designed close to the practice makes it possible to take the mean value and to determine standard derivation and adjustable measuring delay for special measurement in dependence of the temperature. All functions may also be controlled via PC using the remote control program.

Features of ATR Automatic Refractometers

  • Measurement of liquids from low to high viscosity
  • Irrespective of opacity and colour
  • 0.3 ml sample volume is sufficient
  • Teflon samole room for aggresive samples
  • Data and time function
  • 4 user-defined scales programmable


  • Chemical industry :Solvents,organic polymers, destilled products,solutions of anorganic compounds.
  • Food industry:Yoghurt,jam,fruit extract, syrup, honey,coffee extract,vegetable
  • fat,albumen, chocolate, milk, baby food etc.
  • Beverage:Soft drinks,fruit juice,wine,beer.
  • Medical applications:Serum,blood,urine.
  • Pharmaceutical /cosmetical industry:Essences, essential oils,aromas.
  • Petrochemics:Oils,fats,waxes,naphtalenes,raw oils,
  • varnishes,paints.

Technical Data

  • Measuring Range RI / Brix RI 1.3320 - 1.5320 / 0-95 Brix 
  • Resolution RI / Brix +/- 0.0001RI / +/- 0.05 Brix
  • Accuracy 0.0001RI +/- 0.05 Brix
  • Scales Refactive index and temperature Brix corrected at 20 C within +10 to + 40 C
  • Prism Sapphire
  • Lamp 589 nm LED
  • Dimensions 165 x 110 x 275 mm

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