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Furnace, Pyradia F400, High Power - 15 KW

  • Dimensions inside 13.5W x 29.5D x  15.0H inches
  • Dimensions outside 23.5W x 46.0D x 34.0H inches
  • Weight 1000 lbs
  • Standard power max. temperature
    • Continuous: 2,000°F-1,100°C
    • Intermittent: 2,300°F-1,260°C
    • Voltage: 240/1/60
    • kW: 15
Heavy-duty furnaces

Pyradia's tabletop furnaces integrate quality components and superior workmanship, for maximum performance in a variety of industrial or laboratory applications, at temperatures as high as 2,300oF (1,260oC).


Heavy duty construction Our rugged furnace design incorporates quality hardware to a heavy gauge casing, for increased durability in all type of processes.

These tabletop units are available in either a green enamel finish or oxidation resistant stainless steel.

Quality insulation

The highest quality low-density refractory bricks used in the construction of its chamber assure maximum insulation while minimizing heating or cooling cycles. Long service life & ease of maintenance

The specially designed grooved bricks optimize heat transfer and fully support the FeCrAl heating elements for maximum life expectancy.

The "open coil heating elements" are easily accessible for maintenance.

Superior heat distribution

A special attention is given to the distribution of the heating elements to assure optimal temperature uniformity throughout the furnace

Accurate temperature control

Pyradia tabletop furnaces are equipped with state of the art ramp to set point digital microprocessor temperature controller.

Greater versatility

A wide choice of options gives our units the flexibility to suit a variety of commercial, industrial and laboratory heat treating applications.

  • CABINET DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Choice of enamel coated 16 gauge steel or (304) stainless steel
  • HORIZONTAL OPENING DOOR Heavily hinged door with a 180o opening
  • INSULATION 4 1/2” pre-grooved refractory bricks (with the exception of the F50, which is 2 1/2”)
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER Microprocessor temperature controller, with auto tuning PID parameter offering ramp/soak program capability
  • HEATING ELEMENTS Low watt density FeCrAl heating elements
  • FURNACE CHAMBER HEARTH PLATE The furnace comes standard with a cordiorite hearth plate.
  • Hi-limit overshoot protection (OPTIONAL)

  • VERTICAL OPENING DOOR Counterbalanced guillotine lifting door with “Zero weight positioning”
  • FURNACE FLOOR STAND Heavy-duty furnace stand
  • Ni-Cr HEATING ELEMENTS Special heating elements used in corrosive environment
  • PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER 2 programs with 8 segments ramp/soak
  • SOLID STATE RELAY (SSR) For increase temperature accuracy and silent operation
  • ADJUSTABLE EXHAUST VENT Slide gate located on top of furnace to vent corrosive vapors, also comes with a peephole in door
  • HIGH LIMIT CONTROLLER Automatically shutdown heating elements when maximum temperature is exceeded
  • DOOR SAFETY SWITCH Automatic Shut off heating elements when door is opened
  • 3 PHASE 208-240V Available for the F300/F400
  • HEATING ELEMENTS IN DOOR Offers greater heat distribution

If you are a bargain hunter please give us a call, we always have instruments in stock, which have not been refurbished and can be sold as is in working condition.

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