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Autosampler Agilent 7683


The Agilent 7683 series automatic liquid sampler raises the standard for gas chromatography (GC) system performance and reliability. This next-generation Agilent automatic liquid sampler for the Agilent 6890N, 6890 Plus,6850 Series and now the 6890A and 5890 Series II gas chromatography systems offers all the features of our popular Agilent 7673 automatic liquid sampler and more--in a compact, rugged package. This is the automatic sampler to have for: accuracy and ease of use; superior reproducibility, with minimal rework; easy accommodation to changing needs; optimum injection flexibility; and enduring reliability

  • The fastest injection speed in the industry--five times faster than other ALS products on the market--which eliminates needle discrimination
  • All the advantages of the 7683A autoinjector with a two-fold increase in solvent capacity
  • With the new solvent saving mode on all 6890 and 6850 GC systems, you can reduce solvent usage and associated costs by 75%
  • A choice of normal, on-column, or multiple injections
  • Variable pre- and post-injection dwell times to match manual injections or allow large-volume injections
  • Introduction of sample volumes from 0.1 µL to 50 µL or more (with multiple injections)
  • Variable sampling depths for ambient headspace or micro liquid-liquid extraction
  • Two wash solvents for pre- and post-injection needle rinsing, virtually eliminating sample carryover
  • A 100-sample tray for 6890N series, 6890A, and 5890 Series II GCs that mounts away from the GC oven to prevent sample degradation or condensation
  • The capability to protect sensitive samples by cooling individual tray quadrants (6890 series GCs only) to sub-ambient temperatures
  • None of the complexity and large solvent volumes of sandwich injection and other outdated injection techniques
  • The capability to use external standards, simplifying quantitation
  • A modular design, with options for increased automation
  • Fast and easy transfer of sampler modules from one GC to another
  • Easy inlet maintenance and fast, inexpensive repair if necessary
  • Part of Agilent’s continuous product improvement and testing activities to ensure the best possible performance and reliability
  • Purchase a state-of-the-art Agilent autosampler today for your 5890 Series II and 6890A GCs knowing that you will be able to use that autosampler when you eventually replace your GC with a new Agilent system



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