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The operation and installation cost of a ductless hood is substantially lower than that of a conventional hood. Once a ductless fume hood is installed, the only annual cost to the customer is the filter(s). A ductless hoods has no external connections beyond the power cord to be moved. Conventional hoods require a third party to move exhaust duct work and other connections before the hood may be relocated. Ductless hoods can be moved and operational in minutes where conventional hoods may be out of service for weeks

Ductless fume hoods provide excellent protection for the operator and other employees from toxic fumes and vapors that are generated during experiments in laboratories.

A fume hood is a device that is enclosed on five sides with the sixth side being accessible for operator and entrance of air. Ductless hoods, workstations and enclosures are not a total replacement for every exhaust system. However, ductless systems can be used for a variety of common applications being done in today's laboratory environment. A ductless system should never be used when chemistry produces unknown results or if known chemical volumes of evaporation is excessively high. With the advancement in chemistry technology, most reactions are completed at micro or nano levels. A ductless system, where low volumes of known chemical reactions are present, is practical and can provide a safe working environment.

Streamline Laboratory Products' vertical laminar flow cabinets are the ideal choice for those seeking laminar flow cabinets that offer consistent and reliable product protection at an economical price. Features include:

  • Class 100 (US Fed Std 209E) / ISO Class 5 product protection with 99.999% (at 0.3 microns) HEPA-filtered vertical laminar air
  • Mini-pleat HEPA filter with aluminium frames
  • All components of the cabinet are cleanroom compatible and do not particulate
  • Reinforced 304 grade stainless steel worktop with rounded edges in front for operator comfort
  • Electronic blower monitor with LED display on the front panel
  • Blower speed controller is also located inside the electrical panel
  • Energy-efficient external rotor motor design that ensures 360 degree
  • airflow distribution, and optimum airflow uniformity
  • Integrated filter/blower module

The Purair Ductless Fume Hood line from Air Science USA provides operator safety and exceeds OSHA, ANSI and other relevant international standards. Completely portable and self-contained, these hoods are designed to protect lab personnel from harmful powders and chemical vapors using HEPA filtration and advanced activated-carbon filtration techniques. The Purair line consists of six models with face velocity of 100 FPM and airflow from 145 CFM up to 440 CFM. These units are available in widths from 29.5 inches up to 69 inches. Depth of all units is 27.5 inches and height is 47.5 inches. The Purair Ductless Fume Hoods feature high operator protection against fume and particle hazards while offering portability and 360 visibility. Options offered include mobile carts, base cabinets, air velometers, and a microprocessor controller to monitor airflow, containment and filter condition.

  • Advanced Hoods. Typical applications include weighing, chemical sampling, histology, forensic and pharmaceutical
  • Economy Hoods. Typical applications include histology, powder weighing and sampling prep work.
  • School Hoods
  • Portable Hoods. Typical applications include microscopes, forensics, fingerprint powders, veterinary and dental work.
  • Downflow Workstations. Typical applications include microscopes, fingerprint powders, veterinary and dental work.
  • Ventilated Enclosures. Short duration tasks/task specific workstations;Bulk powder weighing and transfer; Enclosing balances, microscopes, androbotic equipment ; Compounding
  • Custom Hoods. For robotic and process equipment. Each unit is designed to maximize operator safety and accessibility.



If you are a bargain hunter please give us a call, we always have instruments in stock, which have not been refurbished and can be sold as is in working condition.

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