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Refurbished Spectrophotometer, AA GBC 908AA

(This item is out of stock; if you want to back order this item the delivery time might be 2-3 months)


The Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer, Model 908AA is a true double-beam spectrometer, designed around a modular concept. It can be configured to exactly meet your analytical and budgetary requirements. The basic instrument includes advanced features such as automatic optimization of wavelength and slit width and setting of the lamp current. The instrument building blocks include a manual four lamp turret, interlocked or programmable gas control system, automatic burner rotation.

The GBC Model 908AA spectrophotometer is compatible with a full range of accessories, which Scientific Equipment Source have in stock.


S116 GF 3000, Graphite furnace

The GF 3000 Graphite furnace assembly includes graphite furnace tube mounted in an enclosure with quartz windows. It can be used in conjunction with any GBC AAs. Installation is simple, with a permanent attachment to the power supply by an umbilical cord which contains all necessary connections including gas, cooling water, and electrical supplies. The temperature range of ambient to 3000 C is computer controlled with a maximum ramp rate of 2000 C/sec. . S118 FS 3000 Flame Autosampler

The FS3000 flame autosampler provides automatic analysis of up to 60 samples, with automatic calibration using up to 10 standards. It is interfaced via a connector on the rear panel of the spectrophotometer, and is controlled by the computer. It has provision for separate rinse, blank and re-scale solutions and is fully programmable.

S117 - PAL 3000 Furnace Autosampler

The PAL 3000 Furnace autosampler is an essential component of the furnace system and each accommodates around 40 samples and 10 pre-mixed standards, plus one stock solution for automatic mixing of up to 10 standards. Multiple carousels can be used in an analysis. Program options include automatic mixing of standards, automatic injection of chemical modifiers, multiple injection, heated injection, plus complete re-slope, recalibration, check sample or spike recovery routines.

S119 - HG 3000 Hydride Generator

The HG 3000 is an automatic , continuous-flow vapor generation system for the analysis of arsenic, selenium, and other hydride-forming elements at part-per-billion levels. It can also be used to determine mercury by the cold vapor method and is compatible with all GBC spectrophotometers.


If you are a bargain hunter please give us a call, we always have instruments in stock, which have not been refurbished and can be sold as is in working condition.

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