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Refractometer, Fisher Scientific, Model LR45302

  • Serial 10704
  • Cat 13-964
  • Measuring Range 1.300 to 1.700nD 0 to 95% mas (Brix)
  • Scale Divisions 0.0005 nD 0.5%
  • Electrical 115V, 60 Hz
  • Warranty 90 days
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Temperature-controlled via external bath
  • High accuracy to +0.0001 refractive unit

For Liquids, solids, solids-in-liquid or powders over 1.300 to 1.700 and 0 to 95% range. Accurate to +0.0001 refractive unit and +0.2% solids-in-liquid. Durable and easy to use. Scale reading easy and precise with well-defined lightfield/darkfield dividing line, and internal illumination. Scale subdivided into 0.0005 refractive units and 0.5% solids-in-liquids units. Built-in Amici prisms compensate for white-light dispersion. Media circulating system permits close sample temperature control. Front-mounted sample prisms unobstructed, easy to load. Control switches conveniently grouped. Unit is adjustable to eye level. Has gray stainless-steel housing.



If you are a bargain hunter please give us a call, we always have instruments in stock, which have not been refurbished and can be sold as is in working condition.

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