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Hand-held Brix refractometers

0 - 50% Brix, 28 - 62% Middle Brix, 45.0 to 82.0% High Brix, 58.0 to 90.0% High Brix, 58.0 to 90.0% High Brix

  • Hand-held Refractometers
    • Measure the dissolved solids content of your samples in the field
  • Product Detail
    • Particularly useful for in-process materials or quality control on finished goods, the Hand Refractometer may be carried in a pocket for on-the-spot percent dissolved solids (sucrose) readings. Simply load the sample directly onto the prism and take the reading right from the scale.
  • Features
    • Easy viewing of the dividing line and scale is furnished by a yellow-orange illuminating filter and focusable eyepiece. Each Hand Refractometer is constructed of impact-resistant plastic and is factory calibrated.
  • 0-32% General Purpose Brix

  • Use it to measure Brix of fruit, fruit juices, soft drinks, etc., and the concentration of water-soluble cutting oil, water-soluble washing solution, etc.
  • 0.0 to 10.0% High precision

  • Model developed for very low concentration use where the Brix is 10% or less. Based on the popular N-1E, the scale has been magnified for high precision measurements. Good for measurements of low concentration fruit juices, cutting oil, etc
  • 0 to 20.0%

  • Widely used for measuring the concentration of low density aqueous solutions such as tomato juices, fruit juices, cola, etc.
  • 0 - 50% Brix

  • Capable of measuring not only various kinds of juice, coffee, and other beverages but also processed food such as sauce, ketchup, low calorie jam, ect.
  • 28 - 62% Middle Brix

  • Suitable for mid-range concentration samples such as concentrated fruit juices, canned goods sugar solution infusions, etc. With the bright blue field, a boundary line with good contrast can be clearly seen.
  • 45.0 to 82.0% High Brix

  • Used for high concentration measurements of condensed milk, fruit juices of concentration 5 times or greater, jam, marmalade, liquid sugar, etc.
  • 58.0 to 90.0% High Brix

  • Suitable for use with food products with high sugar content such as malt, honey, jam, marmalade, etc

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