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Acculab Balances

The new VICON Series are ideal balances for industrial, laboratory, research, educational, postal and speciality applications. Whether you need to weigh multiple samples with totaled results, formulate a color, counting, percent weighing, specific gravity, or under pan weighing, Acculab has the answer in VICON. The new models feature a flip-down protective cover, integrated cal-weights, stainless steel pan and back-lit display.


Standard Features & Benefits:

  • 15 models (enhanced by four milligram units)
  • Protective flip-down and removable plastic cover for shipping protection and allows stackable storage
  • Integrated external calibration weights on models 710 gram capacity and below
  • Unique durable design for all applications
  • Applications include: Counting, Percent Weighing, Totaling, Display Hold, Specific Gravity, Mass unit conversion
  • 14 Mass unit conversions (g, oz, lbs, lbs:oz, dwt, ozt, grains, Newton, carats, Taels HK/Taiwan/Singapore/China, user defined)
  • Optional RS-232 or USB interface kit (field installable)
  • Parts counting with selectable reference sample (1 – 100)
  • 9 volt Battery operation (or included AC adapter) (excluding milligram models)
  • External “one button” calibration with 3 weight options
  • Lock down capability
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
Model Capacity / Readability
VIC-123 120g x 0.001g
VIC-303 300g x 0.001g
VIC-2mg 200g x 0.005g
VIC-4mg 400g x 0.005g
VIC-212 210g x 0.01g
VIC-412 410g x 0.01g
VIC-612 610g x 0.01g
VIC-511 510g x 0.1g
VIC-711 710g x 0.1g
VIC-1501 1,500g x 0.1g
VIC-3101 3,100g x 0.1g
VIC-5101 5,100g x 0.1g
VIC-4kg 4,100g x 1g
VIC-6kg 6,100g x 1g
VIC-10kg 10,100g x 1g

The brand new ALC line consists of three analytical and nine toploader balances covering the most popular weighing ranges. Whether it's weighing precious metals, counting parts, or measuring chemicals and liquids, Acculab ALC series will answer your application needs efficiently and accurately.

Product features and highlights:

  • Advanced microprocessor for accurate weighing results, digital filtering and fast stabilization
  • Large LCD display
  • Stainless steel weighing platform
  • RS-232 bi-directional interface for connection to computer or printer
  • Lock-down capability
  • Four selectable application programs
  • 20 different weighing modes
  • Simple "one button" external calibration

Integrated Applications:

  • Piece counting (5, 10, 20, 50, 100 selectable reference sampling)
  • Percent weighing for solids, moisture loss, formulation, quality control
  • Averaging for unstable ambient conditions
  • Net totaling for formulation
  • User selectable two unit toggling
Model Capacity / Readability
ALC-80.4 80g x 0.0001g
ALC-110.4 110g x 0.0001g
ALC-210.4 210g x 0.0001g
ALC-150.3 150g x 0.001g
ALC-320.3 320g x 0.001g
ALC-820.2 820g x 0.01g
ALC-1100.2 1,100g x 0.01g
ALC-2100.2 2,100g x 0.01g
ALC-3100.2 3,100g x 0.01g
ALC-2100.1 2,100g x 0.1g
ALC-4100.1 4,100g x 0.1g
ALC-6100.1 6,100g x 0.1g

The Acculab SVI series scales are economically priced, have a rugged-low profile design and a unique backlit remote display.They are ideal for light industrial applications including shipping, receiving and general weighing applications. The SVI's indicator can be table or wall mounted (bracket included). It is a snap to install, simple to operate and delivers extremely accurate results. In addition, the large backlit display is easy to read even under dim lighting conditions.The RS-232 data interface is standard and facilitates easy connectivity to a printer, PC or serial device.

Model Capacity x Readability
SVI-10A 10kg x 1g
SVI-20B 20kg x 2g
SVI-50C 50kg x 5g



If you are a bargain hunter please give us a call, we always have instruments in stock, which have not been refurbished and can be sold as is in working condition.

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